For common causes of neck pain, try these simple remedies

Neck pain can cause serious discomfort and uneasiness. Neck pain often is accompanied with headaches, numbness, tingling, stiffness, tenderness, difficulty swallowing and swelling in the neck. Neck pain can be a result of variety of issues like constantly sitting in front of a computer, sleeping in improper position, sprain etc.

For common causes of neck pain, try these simple remedies:Neck pain usually is not a serious condition and can be treated naturally. Here are the top natural remedies for neck pain:


Epsom salt contains magnesium sulphates that relate your muscles and reduce swelling and pain. Add 2 cups of epsom salt to your warm bath water and soak yourself in it for 20 minutes. Make sure your neck is soaked in too. Do this for several days until your neck feels fine.


Regular use of lavender essential oil can relieve neck pain. Take a hot bath or shower; this will help relax your sore neck muscles. Rub some lavender oil on your neck and shoulders and massage the area for 10 minutes with gentle circular movements and minimal pressure. Repeat daily as needed.


Cold temperature helps reduce inflammation and reduces pain. Put some crushed ice cubes in a plastic bag and wrap it in a thin towel. Put the ice pack on your neck for not more than 15 minutes at a time. Follow this remedy every two to three hours for the first 2 days.

  1. VODKA

Mix 1 cup vodka and 2 cups water in a bowl and pour it in the zip lock bag. To be extra careful, you can add the zip lock bag in one more bag or seal it with a sealer that you get commercially. Squeeze the bag and remove all the air before sealing it up and put it in the freezer. Let it sit for 2-3 hours and use it on the neck area. Put it back in the freezer after using. More: DIY ice packs for pain relief >>


Massage therapy helps relieve joint pain by improving circulation and soothing inflammation. In fact, several studies indicate that regular massage can improve pain, stiffness and range of motion in the affected area. To massage the affected area, use warm oil like coconut, olive, mustard, castor or garlic oil and apply gentle pressure while massaging. More: Remedies for common aches and pains >>


Turmeric helps improve blood circulation in the affected area, which helps speed up the recovery process. Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of milk and heat it over low heat for five minutes. Remove from heat, add little honey and allow it to cool. Drink this golden milk twice a day until your pain is gone completely.


Cayenne pepper has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce muscle pain. You need to add one teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder to two tablespoons of lukewarm olive oil. Mix it well and then apply it on the sore muscles in your neck area. Massage after 15 minutes and wipe it off.


While you go for bath, keep bearable hot water separately in a mug just to use it for your neck. Target the neck area with hot water for three to four minutes in the shower. Switch to cold water and target the neck for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat multiple times until hot water gets over.


Apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory benefits. Soak a soft cloth or a paper towel in apple cider vinegar. Place it over the affected part of your neck. Leave it on for a couple of hours. Repeat twice daily until the pain is gone.


Ginger can reduce inflammation associated to your neck pain. Take a fresh ginger and simmer it in some hot water for half an hour. Use this for making your cup of tea or drink it as it is.