Headaches can be a result of number of factors like low metabolism, stress, skipping meals, too much work, strain on eyes as a result of sitting in front of computer for long etc. There are some headaches that are triggered by foods you eat. If you suffer from normal headache, there are chances the foods you consume can make it worse. Here are some foods that can make your headaches worse:


It is true for some people that caffeine stops headache, but think again! People who have caffeine on regular basis get used to it and if skipped, causes headache. So, when you have caffeine like tea or coffee, your headache stops. If you want to permanently stop headache, you need to cut down of caffeine overall.


Chocolates can make your headaches worse because it contains the amino acid tyramine. Although, having chocolate in moderate quantities won’t trigger headaches.  Do not eat chocolates if you have migraines as it can worsen the condition. Experiment to see if you can eat a small, but satisfying amount of chocolate without triggering a headache.


Headaches can be triggered if you eat cold ice cream or quickly gulp down cold beverages. This is most likely to occur when your body is heated due to exercise or due to rising temperatures in summers. Consume warm foods and avoid cold foods if you have migraine problems.


Yes, you read that right. Bananas can trigger headaches and migraines; but only the ones which are overly ripe and turned soft and a bit dark. Overly ripe bananas are rich in tyramine. Tyramine is the culprit that worsens headaches or triggers migraines.


Chewing gums can cause headaches or trigger migraines. Frequent chewing of gums can make your jaws tired or painful. Due to tired jaws, it causes headaches and can worsen the condition if you have migraines.


Alcohol in any drink or simply neat alcohol causes increased blood flow to your brain and can also result in dehydration, both of which might be headache triggers. People who get frequent migraine attacks or who already have headaches should completely avoid alcohol. Sulphites used as preservatives in red wine have also been linked to migraine headaches.


Cheese that is aged or is old is a migraine and headache trigger. The culprit may be a substance called tyramine that forms as the proteins in cheese break down over time. The longer a cheese ages, the more tyramine it has. Avoid cheese varieties that are aged like cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, blue cheese etc.


– Applying an ice pack to the back of your neck can give you relief from a migraine headache.

– Simply smelling the soothing scent of lavender essential oil can be of great help in relieving tension headaches.

– Acupressure can help with frequent headaches. Press and massage the fleshy area between the thumb and index finger, at the highest spot of the muscle when both the thumb and finger are brought close together. Do this for one or two minutes and then repeat on the other hand. Do not do this when you are pregnant.

Crush a few cloves gently and put them in a sachet or a clean handkerchief. Inhale the smell of the crushed cloves whenever you have a headache until you get some relief from the pain.