There’s nothing worse than asking for a specific cut, only to notice afterwards that not only did the cut not look like the picture you brought, but it looked bad on you. It happens, it totally sucks and it still doesn’t give you the right to shoot the stylist who did it which, of course, leaves only one thing to do – find ways for hiding a bad haircut until your hair grows back to its normal length. You may either try hiding your haircut or fix it some way or the other! Here are some ways to fix a bad haircut:


Curling hair is a better way to hide a bad haircut! In case you’re wondering how to hide a bad haircut without having to get a new one and risk even more of your length, you should definitely try curling. It looks good on layered hair and will make it look more voluminous plus they are incredibly forgiving to really bad cuts.


If your fringe has gone too short, you need not worry anymore! Fringes may become short especially if you are doing it yourself- I have done it a lot of times and initially I used to make it always shorter than I wanted! All you can do is, grab some more hair from the crown and make it a side swept bang. This not only hides the short weird fringe, but when the bangs grow out, you still would have short bangs from the error fringe! BINGO!


I remember having an emo haircut 2 years back- it was a disaster! Not only was the haircut disaster, I also moaned over the hole in my pocket. Ok, it wasn’t that bad but the rat-tail thing made me cry over the lost volume. Emo haircuts generally puff from the crown and go thin at the bottom. If you have long hair you would certainly not like it. To fix this problem, you can chop off the length and make it a shoulder length blunt. Looks good!


Any terrible haircut can be hidden by fake hair. Go to a shop for either glue in, clip in hair extensions, and see what you think will work best for your cut and your lifestyle.


From headbands and scarves to hats and even bobby pins- there are tons of ways to update any cut, even a bad one! Say “yes” to pastels and neons in case trends are a big thing for you, buy or craft a few glitzy pieces to help you look great in formal occasions. This is a perfect way to draw the attention from your hair and the cut you’re not particularly proud of.


Last but not the least, if you want an easy way to get out of the disaster-hair situation, simply keep them tied into a pony tail, braid or bun till it grows out. there are plenty of awesome hairstyles that are updos on the internet, search and experiment!