Fix dried and broken makeup easily

A lady and the her makeup kit are inseparable. Every time when you see your favorite branded makeup gets dried off or broken its nothing less then a nightmare. So not to worry, today will tell you some simple tips to fix your broken lipstick, brush and also to reuse the dried mascara or gel eyeliner.


Fix broken Blush:
This method can be a life savor for your branded blush or the eye shades. To treat this broken blush you will just require two ingredients that is the plastic and alcohol. So first take a plastic cover and completely wrap and the compact. Make sure its tight and covered the entire compact powder. Now with the help of spatula  crush up the pan of shadow, not only the broken pieces. Once your done with the crushing process remove off the wrap and add 10 -20  drops of alcohol looking at the requirement till the powder turn into sponge. Now use this opportunity to even it out smoothly with your spatula. Leave it for few hours till it gets completely dried.

Fix dried and broken makeup easily fix dried eyeliner or mascara

Fix dried Mascara and eye liner:  Mascara and eye often gets dried off easily and using water turns the liner or mascara smudge and flake. We have a quick tip to fix this just add 4-5 drops of generic eye drops and give a quick stir with the brush and its ready to use. You can also make use of saline solution meant for storing contact lenses.

Fix dried and broken makeup easily - fix broken lipstick

Fix the broken Lipstick:
Lipstick tends to break down easily but if its still in a good shape overall you can fix it and use it again. This method is wroth using then throwing it away. So before we give a start protect your hands and place getting dirty with the lipstick color, place a sheet of paper and wear gloves. Remove off the broken piece and stand the base of the lipstick upright on the work space, swivel it up as far as possible. Now carefully run the lit match or lighter underneath the base of the broken part of the lipstick. Slightly melt the area that the broken piece will be attached to as well. Be careful and do not burn off the lipstick. Pick the broken piece of the lipstick and gently attach to the base of the lipstick, with the help of toothpick move the sides of the lipstick together and seal the sticks as one piece. Place the top cover of the lipstick and place it in refrigerator for about 30min.