FIVE EASY TIPS TO KEEP YOUR HAIR SMELLING FRESHWhen sweat, dirt and oil accumulate on our scalp and hair strands, these deposits make our hair smell bad. This, in turn, tends to lower our self-confidence and reflects a not-so-good hygiene on our part. So, it is not only important to flaunt silky hair, but it is equally desired that your hair smells good all day! Check out the best tips that would help in keeping your hair smelling fresh and fragrant all day long.

How To Keep Your Hair Smelling Fresh: Five Easy Tips

Cleanliness is important: Shampoos help to keep your hair clean. I must accept that I use shampoos that clean my hair and impart a lingering aroma to my tresses. Well, the fragrance added to shampoos and conditioners is often counted as a con. In fact, it is debatable whether or not we should pick hair care products that contain fragrance! But that definitely doesn’t deter us from choosing a shampoo based on its sweet and fresh whiff. You may do the same or else, try adding aromatic oils and ingredients like mint, lemon or rosewater to your natural shampoos. Cleanse your hair and scalp thoroughly with your favourite shampoo. When the impurities are done away with, hair feels light and fresh.

Opt for sweet smelling hair care products: There are hair serums and hair styling sprays that come with fresh fragrance and using them perfumes your locks. Whether you choose L’oreal Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum, Matrix Biolage Hair Serum or Garnier Sleek And Shine Serum, all these products smell amazing. Apart from making your hair feel fragrant, they also help in taming unmanageable hair.

Keep that hair mist ready: Be it Aquolina Pink Sugar or Thierry Mugler Angel-there are perfumes and hair mists that are especially formulated for your hair. Invest in similar luxurious products to keep your hair smelling fresh throughout the day. DIY natural hair perfume >>

Essential oils are very essential: Wish to go for a natural remedy? Lavender works wonders. Add a few drops of lavender oil to your last hair rinse. You may also sprinkle some essential oils on your comb or hairbrush just before your comb your hair. Alternately, you can add 2 drops of lavender oil to 2-3 drops of almond oil and comb it into the strands of hair with the help of your fingers. Hair feels hydrated and fragrant.

Prettify with flowers: No wonder Indian women love to adorn their hair with flowers. This trick works for you, especially if you have long hair. Roll your hair up into a bun and embellish it with jasmines or pale pink roses. A floral fragrance rents the air.

Thus, incorporating these easily available hair care products can be a great way of keeping your hair smelling fresh and good. And if nothing else seems handy, choose those beautiful flowers to feel fragrant.

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