Fighting Cellulite – Tips and Techniques

Heard of ‘cottage cheese’ and ‘dimples’ that are commonly found on the hips, thighs, buttocks and back of arms? Ugh! That uneven appearance might come in the way of wearing a clingy swimsuit. Well considering the sedate lifestyle of today, cellulite is a lifestyle ailment that is plaguing women above 35 years. How does one go about reducing that orange-peel look on thighs that shows its effect on other parts of the body? Check out how.

Fighting Cellulite - Tips and TechniquesAdopt Liquid Green: Shun your morning cup of milk tea for Green Tea or Dandelion Leaf Tea, forms of herbal tea that are known to reduce cellulite. Being a powerful antioxidant, Herbal Tea is very effective in preventing free radical damage thereby halting excess of body weight.

Chow down on Anti-Oxidants: Reduce unwanted dimpling by including antioxidant-rich foods such as veggies, citrus fruits, salmon fish, dark berries such as acacia, red chill, saffron that help flush out toxins and stress hormones. They also help increase the muscle tone under the skin, getting rid of the valleys under the skin for a stronger, smoother look.

Chomp on Healthy Fats: Gorging on fast food can be the biggest enemy to having lean and well-toned skin. Include healthy Omega -3 fats found in oily fish, flaxseed oil and nuts; low glycemic spread hummus, dark chocolate and apple cider vinegar. The best thing about them is that they not only help improve blood circulation, they also metabolise fat thereby keeping skin dimple-free.

Skin Brushing: Body brushing is a sure shot way to break down fatty deposits under the skin and reduce cellulite. Brush arms, buttocks and legs using smooth strokes in an upward direction twice a day. This would help remove dead skin cells and boost the lymphatic flow thereby reduce cellulite. Dry brushing benefits and how to >>

Abstain from taking Toxins: Coffee, alcohol, tobacco are known to have high levels of sugar. This leads to build up of body toxins that slowly add to cellulite formation. Try the healthy alternative instead of drinking minimum eight glasses of water that helps flush out the toxins in the easiest possible way.

Body Scrubs for Trouble Spots: Use of massage oils and gels before bathing helps even out the cellulite. Try soaps, exfoliating scrubs and creams and cellulite serums that help break fluids under your skin and stimulate circulation. Coffee exfoliants and Sugar body scrubs break fatty deposits and tighten the skin.

Spas: Go to your local or professional spa for treatments that will trigger the blood flow to the problem areas in your body. This would help speed up the breakdown of nagging fat deposits that inhibit you to flaunt your thighs.

Regular Exercise: Late sittings in office and work overload lower our capacity and energy levels to go for morning walks. This further increases the cellulite level to our disadvantage. Engaging yourself in fitness regimen and physical exercises such as walking, jogging, yoga and swimming on a daily or alternate basis helps combat cellulite.

So get back your sexy legs and buttocks by adopting healthy eating, going for jogs and avoiding fatty oil and snacks. Getting back into form and slender physique would become easy when your mind and will are prepared to fight cellulite.