Fever blisters are nothing but cold sores that are caused due to herpes simplex type 1 virus.  Getting fever blisters can be a real pain and can even spoil your beauty. There are many over-the-counter medications and treatment for fever blisters but not all are effective. Below are some popular and effective home remedies for fever blisters:



Turmeric is long used for treating various skin conditions including fever blisters. It is a natural healer which is rich in antimicrobial compounds and has anti-inflammatory properties. You can apply turmeric water on the blister using a cotton ball several times a day. Continue until the condition improves.


Applying black tea on the affected cold sores soothes it down and dries it immediately due to the anti-inflammatory properties. After applying black tea you will notice that the blister has dried and the upper layer of the skin starts peeling. But don’t peel it off yourself; allow it to come out naturally.  More: Blister-free feet remedies >>


The anti-microbial nature of aloe vera helps heal fever blisters that too quickly if used routinely. Extract the gel from a freshly sliced aloe leaf or alternatively pick an aloe only gel from your nearby medical store for topical application. Alternatively, you could also add fresh gel in water, pour it in ice cube trays and freeze. Rub these ice cubes on the affected area several times a day.


Witch hazel contains astringent tannins that will help to dry out your fever blister, keeping it clean and helping it heal. Use a clean cotton ball with each application. More: Natural remedies for summer skin problems >>


Tea tree oil can quickly and effectively treat fever blisters due to its antiviral properties. Dilute tea tree oil by combining one part oil and three parts water or coconut oil. Using a cotton ball, apply the diluted tea tree oil on the affected area three times a day. Within a few days, the fever blister should heal completely. It can also be used before bedtime for overnight treatment.


Garlic has anti-viral enzymes that kills herpes simples virus; the anti-inflammatory and healing properties heals the blisters in no time. Gently crush two to three garlic cloves to make a paste and apply it to your fever blisters. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat this process three times a day for two days.


Mix one teaspoon of white toothpaste and one-half tablespoon of salt. Using a cotton swab, apply the paste on the fever blisters before going to bed. Leave it on overnight and rinse it off with lukewarm water the next morning. Follow this routine until the fever blisters are completely gone.