ALL ABOUT WOMEN SHAVING THEIR FACESMany of your girls won’t believe that this is a post on shaving face for women. Yes, there are various women who shave their face often and still have a super awesome skin. You would be thinking, you standing infront of a mirror with those shaving creams which you often spotted in your father’s or brother’s hand. No, we are not using a razor at all; still the process goes on clean and smoothly.

This is called Dermaplaning which is the clinical terms used for the exclusive type of razor exclusively made for girls to exfoliate the skin and not harm it at all. Basically, dermaplaning or shaving with such razor helps to exfoliate the skin, removes the dead cells and also those tiny little hair which tends to cover up your face. Shaving helps to exfoliate your skin so well that it helps to make you look younger and beautiful than before. Have you observed a man who has just shaved his hair out? Yeah, he looks more handsome that he ever appeared to you before.

Fine hair over skin tends to make a favorable space to collect some dirt under them and also reduces the transparency of face. Just like men do, women do have facial hair which ranges due to the hormonal balance in each human body.

To start with shaving of face, you need to apply shaving cream and then use the razor to remove the facial hair all around the face followed by a good face serum and also a moisturizer.

The razor is relatively painless which can be swiped in to and fro directions of the face, which benefits in stimulation of collagen production.

Due to collagen production activated by razor, it helps in fading the wrinkles and fine lines of the face, resulting in obtaining clean and radiant face. The hair growth is unaffected by the condition or length of the superficial, intrinsically dead hair. The hair producing follicle is in the dermis, under the skin’s surface and whatever happens above skin level is of almost no consequence for the follicle. It might be the direction of growth or increased mechanical strength of the shortened hair which makes it feel thicker but that is not due to unregulated follicle action.

If you think, you don’t have enough hair where you need razor to remove them, than let me tell you, this is something where you need to know more than just removing hair. It is all about exfoliating the skin and removing the dead cells effectively.

For women, shaving the face arguably has some exfoliating benefits, but it is simply too harsh for female facial skin. However, before proceeding with shaving your face, you need to consult the beautician.