11 Effective Home Remedies With Epsom Salt

Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate, as it is chemically known, is a mineral found in abundance in water. A well-known home remedy for a wide array of health conditions, it has used since time unknown as beauty, household, and gardening solutions. You can use it for external application as well as for consumption. Catch up with us some of the most effective home readies using Epsom salt!

11 top Home Remedies With Epsom Salt To ease cramps and pains:

A soak in a bathtub filled with Epsom salt dissolved water can be effective in easing cramps and pains. Studies suggest that this mineral combination is absorbed by the skin, working effectively in easing abdominal cramps, muscular pain, joint inflammation, and tension.

Eases headaches and menstrual cramps:

It is also known to ward off headaches and alleviate menstrual cramps. Just submerge yourself in Epsom salt and feel the difference yourself.

Natural remedy for cold and flu:

Dampen your skin gently and apply a little salt on the affected region. Massage, gently, in circular motions. This improves the circulation in the chest and decongests the phlegm accumulated. Follow up with a warm shower and a gentle inhalation of eucalyptus essential oil and you will soon drift into sleeping, only to wake up feeling relieved.

A marvelous foot soak:

Give your foot a good treat with a Epsom salt soak. It eases the aches, improves circulation levels, wanes away the pain, eliminates odors, and even softens the rough skin. Just ½ a cup of this mineral mix in a 10 liter tub is sufficient to help you enjoy a foot soak at home. If you want to try a pedicure at home, then prepare this mineral based scrub to discard the dead and dry skin from your foot!

Natural solution for splinters:

The stubborn splinter is really irritating. Just eliminate it by soaking the affected area in an Epsom salt soak. The inflammation is eased and splinter is softened. This, in turn, alleviates the pain and paves way for easier removal of splinter.

A natural skin exfoliating agent:

Want to treat your skin to a natural scrub? Epsom salt is the answer. Just apply it on your damp skin and massage in circular motions, clockwise and anticlockwise. Your dead cells will be removed, leaving the skin soft, smooth, healthier, and glowing…

Soothes bug bites:

Bugs are tiny living beings, but their bites are painful and itchy. Just dissolve a quarter cup of the salt in 1 cup warm water and refrigerate until this cools. Dip clean cotton into this mixture and dab on the affected region to ease the itching and assuage the pain.

Natural cure for sunburns:

This is applicable only if sunburns are mils. Add 2 cups of this salt to warm water and take a bath. Follow up with a mixture of coconut oil and aloe gel for faster healing.

Home remedy for bee sting:

Magnesium as well as sulfate are innate anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents. Plus, they also help in bringing the bee’s stinger to the skin surface. Just dab a little on the bitten region and put yourself at ease and peace.

Natural antidote for poison ivy blisters:

Soak yourself in a tub filled with Epsom salt mixed warm water to ease the rashes, alleviate the inflammation, and lessen the pain associated with poison ivy blisters.

For a good night’s sleep:

Stimulate the secretion of serotonin, the calming hormone, by taking a bath with Epsom salt. And why not? Magnesium is a proven solution for relaxed muscles and better sleep!

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