Yogurt is obtained after fermenting milk which is commonly used in various Asian countries. Yogurt in its pure form is essential while cooking and is also served with various dishes and recipes. Intake of yogurt is extremely beneficial for health and people mostly take in all the seasons throughout the year.

A person suffering from any diseases is mostly recommended to have yogurt in his all time meals. The bacteria used to ferment the milk and convert into yogurt is called yogurt culture.

1. Yogurt in kitchen can help to enhance the taste of the food and especially if it any such recipes like the chicken or fish curries. Fish is also taken with curd which is popular in Bengal and is known as “doi maach” where the fish curry is made out of curd.

2. If you cook with yogurt, make sure you know which flavor is best suited for each recipe. Savory dishes may taste better with plain yogurt, while flavored yogurt works well with sweet dishes. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference, so feel free to experiment!

3. Plain yogurt should always be used in the process of baking with baking sofa. This helps to result in better results as well as taste.

4. While baking you can also replace baking soda with ¼ of curd which helps to make the baking take place faster and better. The taste of curd is much better than the baking soda.

5. To reduce oil in any gravy or recipes, you can ½ cup of yogurt to it and then prepare the curry. Yogurt tends to soak all the extra oil and also make the cooking process faster.

6. Marinating done with yogurt is one of the secret of getting the dishes best grilled and cooked. Marinating chicken or fish with yogurt can help to add flavor and aroma to the dish.

7. You can also yogurt in various salad dressing with some mustard oil which helps to make the salad taste delicious.

8. You can also add 2-4 spoons of yogurt and mix with some cheese or mayonnaise to create a favorable and taste dip.

9. How to make thick yogurt: Bring it to room temperature before heating and then heat it slowly. If possible use low temperatures for short periods of time and try to add it at the end of cooking right before it’s removed from the heat. Mix it with a bit of hot liquid before adding

Ways to thicken yogurt:  You can add some cornstarch or flour to the yogurt and let it rest for next 20 minutes. This will help to yogurt to thicken in its texture.

Ways to thin yogurt:

  • The best way to thin the yogurt is to add water and then stir it.
  • These were some simple tips and tricks you can do to cook with yogurt.