EASY STYLING AND CURLING HACKSCurling is the most feminine part of every woman, which automatically intensifies her looks, sharpens her appearance without any extra effort. Temporary curling of hair is all about tricks and tips that can help to get curls in overnight just by using few things available in the home easily. We went on search about the easy styling and curling hacks which every girl needs to know, and here are some. We are sure; you cannot get spared by reading this article till the end. So, here are the tips to be followed

Start curling the hair from the centre and then proceed to the end parts of the tresses. The biggest mistake you may do while curling hair is starting them from the roots of the hair.

If you want to wake up with gorgeous hair in the morning, try to curl your hair slightly with silk cloth. Do not use rubber bands for this purpose, because rubber bands tend to weak the hair roots and also cause hair loss.

Did you think of trying pineapple over night? Try to put the pineapple for overnight will lead to natural curls in the morning.

Using hairbrush or a tooth brush can help to tame the small hair falling on the forehead. It can help to fix your hair back with the pins.

There are common problems with girls with silky hair about the bobby pins. The problem is bobby pins slip often out of hair may be because they are loose or because of the hair texture. Spraying some hairspray on the bobby pin can help to fix them on the hair.

Ever wondered about soaks? Yes, Socks can help to curl your hair overnight. Securing all the hair in a sock about fixing back with the clutch can help to naturally curl the hair in overnight.

Dry shampoo is the very important product to be considered while styling of hair. Flake some dry shampoo on the scalp which will help to control the sweat on the hair which results in better styling of hair.

Blow drying of hair helps to make your hair look volomising. But blow drying your hair in the right way is the chief key to get great styling hair.

Sleeping overnight a wet bun can help to maintain the curls overnight. Wearing a wet bun is the most common idea used by girlies from ancient times.

Fake the hair by wearing two pony tails at the same type. This will make your hair speak volume and in place too. Secure the first half of the hair in a pony tail and then secure the rest of hair in second pony tail one below the other. Make sure they look a single pony tail.

Use your bobby pins in the some graphic designs or just insert them in the braids. This will help to make your pony tail look good and in style too.

If you have absolutely stick-straight hair, use aluminum foil and a flat iron to create curls that seriously LAST.

Set your hair back with hot and cold air. If you are using hot air while blow outs also make sure you use the cold air even to give an equal balance on the air. Alternatively using cold and warm air can help to style y

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