DOES CORN FLAKES HELP IN WEIGHT LOSS?Are you planning to lose weight? You have planned everything to lose weight; you eat low-fat and low sugar food, and you exercise regularly as well. You have also planned your diet well. Do you that daily bowl of healthy corn flakes and milk regularly in the morning? Are you making any mistake in planning your diet? It’s time to re-think that do corn flakes really help in weight loss?

A Little About Corn Flakes

Corn flakes were invented by Will Kellogg and John Kellogg accidentally with stale wheat. They made dough with it and pushed through a roller and as a result broken flakes came out. This was then toasted and served to patients at Seventh day Adventist where they used to work. The patients like it and so the two brothers continued making it till it turned out perfectly. Then slowly it became popular in the market and many brands started making it as well. But are they really healthy and will they help in weight loss?


Are Corn Flakes Really Healthy Especially For Children?

A cereal is the best choice for your breakfast since it is less in sugar and fat and is rich in nutrients. But if you choose any wrong choice for breakfast then you can gain weight instead. Do you eat cornflakes with milk which contains vitamins and minerals, nutrients and low fat? Then you are thinking all wrong. In fact it consists of corn, malt, fructose corn syrup and sugar. This corn syrup contains high glycemic index carbohydrate.

Is It Really For Weight Loss?

So it is clear that the sugar content in cornflakes is really high and in addition to this many people add extra sugar or honey to their bowls with milk. If you eat this regularly then you are definitely going to increase your weight instead of losing. Generally weight loss techniques say that you should take fewer calories and the same goes with corn flakes. They recommend you to tale 30 grams of it with 125 ml of skimmed milk but not whole milk.

Corn flakes contain very less protein. Even though cornflakes make you feel full but in few hours you will feel hungry. A study stated that it is an unhealthy breakfast for kids and for those who want to lose weight. Another study undertaken in America stated that the amount of iron in cornflakes is actually less than the mentioned amount. It can cause obesity in children. Children who eat cornflakes usually feel more hungry as a result of which they snack before lunch.

To stay healthy and lose weight it is important to check on the calories and their source. You should get them from healthy, protein rich nutritious vegetables and fruits. So please keep cornflakes away from kids and make them eat health food which isn’t available in packets.

For The Weight Gainers:

Cornflakes are recommended for elders who want to increase food instead of losing weight. The sugar content makes you increase your weight and after few hours will make you feel hungry. As a result you eat something to add few more calories which are required for weight gain. What is the recipe in this case? Take cornflakes in a bowl and add whole milk to it instead of skimmed low fat milk. You can also add fruits to it like bananas, apples, etc. which help in weight gain. Bananas are specifically known for weight gain. However it is still recommended to take calories in from good sources like vegetables, whole grain cereals and fruits instead of getting from those available in packets in the market. Eat it only if you are under weight and it is really important to gain weight.