DIY Homemade Aloe Vera Scrub for Dry Skin

Even though winters are one of the best seasons, the cool atmosphere welcomes dry flaky skin. With very little humidity in the atmosphere skin problems like tightening, itchy and drying of skin are the most annoying winter skin problems

Applying the store- bought – lotions and washing your face heals for just a short time and regains dryness immediately. They are just claiming to work on skin dryness which is rarely true. Instead it is good to switch to some natural alternatives whose result is slow but yet effective.

One such natural remedy to reduce winter dryness and add beauty to your skin is from the magical wonder cactus, aloe vera. The beauty benefits of aloe gel was identified long back right for the days of Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Using aloe gel as a natural exfoliate helps to heal the skin from dryness. An easy homemade scrub can be prepared with ready kitchen ingredients keeping the aloe gel as the base.

DIY Homemade Aloe Vera Scrub for Dry Skin


Aloe gel- Hydrates, soothes and intensely moisturize skin.Yogurt- Balances skin pH, nourish and also moisturize skin.

Oat flour- Calms skin, reduces irritation, softens skin and buffs away dead skin cells and dirt.


Things you need-

  • 3 tablespoons oat flour
  • Enough aloe gel


In a bowl, add oats flour. If you do not have oats flour, simply grind oats until fine.

Add in enough aloe gel (fresh or commercial) and mix well. Add more or less aloe depending on how you want the scrub texture to be. Semi dry works well.

Aloe scrub is ready. Scrub it on your damp facial skin and body.

The scrub will have a sticky texture but it helps buff off dead skin cells and intensely moisturizes.

DIY Homemade Aloe Vera Scrub for Dry Skin

Perfect way to Use:

  1. Wet your face in warm water and massage in upward and circular motions.
  2. Cover more of time under the chin and nose ends as they are the dirt prone sensitive areas of your skin. Continue massaging for about 2-3 minutes.
  3. It is better to carry the scrubbing in a wash room to avoid the mess.
  4. Wash out splashing water to face.
  5. You can also use it as a body scrub while in shower for soft, moisturized skin.

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