Bathrooms are prone to odor thanks to the moisture content and all sort of mildew that grows in there. If you have your bathroom along with a toilet, it can be a bit tough to maintain it fresh. Commercial air-fresheners are filled with toxic chemicals that are so overpowering and let’s face it; they don’t really get rid of odors. Instead, they just mask the odor with a super-fruity, synthetic scent. They also have toxic compounds that can cause respiratory problems. Below are the clever and safe DIY bathroom deodorizers you can definitely make and use:



Potpourri is a great way to keep your bathroom smelling great with continuous supply of soothing fragrance. You can certainly make your own potpourri without the toxicity and added chemical fragrances in it which is the case with commercially bought potpourri. To make your own potpourri,  collect pine cones, flowers, citrus fruits, and pieces of bark, clean them off and allow to fully dry. Drop essential oils onto them and place in a bowl. This bowl can be placed at a corner at height in the bathroom. More: Natural fragrances for holiday season >>


To freshen the bathroom without the toxins, you can make your own freshening spray by combining ½ cup vinegar, 1 ½ cup water and 4-5 drops essential oils of your choice! Keep it on the shelf in your bathroom. Shake and spray it after every use to maintain the refreshing fragrance. More: Tips to keep your bathroom fresh smelling >>


Fill a glass jar with one-third or one-fourth of baking soda and put 9-10 drops of essential oil to it. Give it a shake. If you have a lid, make holes on it or seal the top of jar with aluminum foil and make tiny holes on it with a toothpick. Seal the aluminum foil with a scotch tape and tie a ribbon on it to make it look good! Your bathroom deodorizer is ready! More: DIY baking soda deodorizer >>


Dip a few small cotton balls in an essential oil with a fragrant of your choice. Now put these balls in small bowls. Fill the bowls till the brim and place these in the bathroom. Yu can place one or more depending on the size of your bathroom. Change it every day and place in new cotton balls.


Take a sanitized spray bottle and fill it with one cup of distilled water. Now add a half cup of witch hazel and 20 drops of lavender essential oil into the bottle. Shake everything well and then spray it on after every use.


If you have a spacious bathroom along with windows, Citrus plants can keep it smelling fresh. Citrus plants emit pleasant and light citrusy fragrance similar to lemon, oranges, tangerines etc. These soothing fragrances uplift your mood and also freshens the air. Place a plant near the window. More: Top fragrant house plants >>