DIFFERENT WAYS TO USE TRANSLUCENT LOOSE POWDERTranslucent powder is a sheer colorless powder used to set makeup to get a polished look instantly. Makeup artist believe that it is much better than pressed powders because it increase the staying power of makeup 3 times. Translucent powders set your liquid makeup in such a way that it doesn’t melt even in humid weather and will not migrate into lines. But what if I tell you that a translucent loose powder can be used in many different ways too? Oh yes, there are many amazing ways you can use this amazing product:

Stop Runny Eyeliner:

Smudged runny eyeliner can be really annoying but using some translucent powder can help you out. After applying eyeliner, take translucent powder in a thin brush and apply it over your eyeliner. Now apply another coat of eyeliner and you’re done. Your eyeliner is now going to stay intact for whole day without running, fading or smudging.

Fake Eyelashes:

Many women don’t find it comfortable wearing fake eyelashes so I’m going to share an amazing trick to fake longer and fuller lashes instantly. Coat your lashes with one coat of mascara and when it is still wet, dust some loose powder over it using fluffy eye brush. Then again apply a coat of mascara and you’ll see instant volume

Catch Fallout:

Makeup artis recommend doing eye makeup after completing base makeup and this means you have to deal with the eyeshadow fallout. Here’s a tip to catch the fallout. Apply a generous amount of loose powder under your eyes after you’re done with your base makeup. Now when you’ll do your eye makeup, the eyeshadow which will fall will not ruin your base makeup and the loose powder will catch it. After you’re done, clean the extra powder using a big fluffy brush.

Matte Lipstick:

Matte lipsticks look very sophisticated but with it come dry chapped lips. You can make your creamy lipstick matte instantly using a translucent powder trick and the best thing that the lipstick will still hydrate your lips. After applying your lipstick, take a tissue and place it on your lips. Take translucent powder in big fluffy brush and apply it on the tissue. Now remove the tissue and the shine of your lipstick is gone… simple right?

Root Touch-up:

To get rid of greasy oily hair instantly you’ll need dry shampoo but what if you don’t have one? Take Out the translucent powder from your makeup bag and apply a generous amount on your roots using a fluffy big brush. After you’re done, turn your hair upside down, comb them and shake to get rid of excess powder.