Our mouth is a true and versatile multi-tasker given our daily intake of food and drinks. It can also become the breeding ground of micro-organisms such as bacteria that can be harmful to our oral health.

DETOX YOUR MOUTHControlling the bacteria and toxin levels in our mouths is very important for the health status of our oral cavities. Get started with these detox practices and make your mouth the most kissable.

Tongue Scraping: Getting bad bugs out of your mouth can be made easy thanks to a tongue scraper. A traditional Ayurvedic technique, tongue scraping cleans up food debris, dead cells, bacterial build-up from the tongue surface. This not only cleans the mouth, it freshens your breath too.

Oil Pulling: Swishing and swirling your favourite oil in your mouth is all you have to do to freshen up breath and make teeth toxin-free. Oil pulling is a good technique to pull toxins from the oral cavity, which are then spit out from the body for good. It also reduces gingivitis and plaque. Reach out for coconut oil in your kitchen, and get started with oil pulling >>

Non-Toxic Toothpaste: Brushing with toothpaste is important to maintain oral health. However, toothpaste contains chemicals such Fluoride, Sodium Lauryl etc. that can reduce healthy bacteria from the mouth. Choose a toothpaste that has natural anti-bacterial agents and breath fresheners like neem, eucalyptus, peppermint and clove.

Green Tea: Drinking green tea not only helps you overcome weight loss but improves oral hygiene too. The more you drink green tea, more are the chances of healthy teeth and gums. The antioxidant catechin present in green tea reduces bad bacteria in the mouth. More benefits of green tea >>

Neem Oil: This is an ancient remedy for clearing up mouth infections. Agreed, it does not leave a pleasant taste in your mouth, but it has healing capabilities. Neem oil, as an antibacterial keeps a check on the bad oral bacteria from breeding. The oil is effective in lowering plaque and tartar and reduces inflammation in mouth, bleeding gums and dental infections. Just put a few drops of neem oil into the gum line, massage, and allow it to stay overnight.

Ionic Toothbrush: The mechanical toothbrush we use is meant to reduce bad bacteria in the mouth. However, technologically superior ionic toothbrush reverses the polarity of the tooth surface from negative (-) to positive (+). This attracts plaque towards the toothbrush head which leads to its clearing. Apart from reducing plaque and bleeding, ionic toothbrush reduces hypersensitivity, making it a superior agent in cleaning your teeth.

Eating Whole Foods: Foods eaten in a plastic box or packing facilitate chemicals to leach into the food. This contaminates the food and our body on consumption. Since the chemicals in the plastic can be carcinogenic, they should be avoided at all costs. Instead of buying packaged foods go for fresh organic stuff. This will drastically reduce the dangerous food additives you end up consuming.

Now you know how easy it is to prevent bacteria and toxins to foul your mouth and health.

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