CREATIVE REUSES FOR OLD MAKEUP BRUSHESIf you think investing on makeup brushes is a long time investment, you are probably wrong then. Makeup brushes do get expired after some years depending upon the quality of the brush you are using. Also, makeup brushes require a lot of maintenance which includes cleaning them frequently and also storing them the right way.

Once the makeup brush gets expired you are left with no other option than trashing them immediately. The next time your makeup brushes expire, you can alternatively use them in various ways.

Here we mention you some of the unique and creative way to use the expired makeup brushes.

  1. Cleaning the window grills

I’m sure you have the window grills which become extremely dusty in every month. Infact grills are always open due to which large amount of dust accumulates over them. Cleaning them with cloth will not make the grill look clean, also it does not get into the very think and curvy edges. You can use the expired makeup brush here, which can be dipped into the water and then clean the edges. Brushes with thin and natural hair can easily remove the dust.

  1. Cleaning keyboards

You can also clean the keyboards using an expired makeup brush. All you can do is use some vinegar or dip the brush into nail polish remover and run the brush over the keyboard. The brush gets into the edges of the keys where most of the dirt is accumulated. You can also clean the laptop fan which is the only reason for the laptop to heat. Your sleek makeup brush can easily get into the slots.

  1. Clean the mobile charging slot

Yes, there are chances they your mobile charging slot accumulated lots of dust which may result to heating of the cell phone. You don’t need to use water to cleaning the charging clot, but you can simply put the clean and move in it up down direction. This will help the dust to get into the brush easily. Remember you are not using makeup brush that are wet or not dried off completely.

  1. Highlight hair

Not sometimes, but many of the times you are running out of proper brush to highlight the hair. Whether you have a super thick brush or a sleek one, you can properly highlight your hair with them. If you are aiming to color the tiny grey hair over your hairline, you can use a makeup brush with silicon or natural sleek hair. If you want to highlight the whole of your hair or the crown area, you can use the thick hair brush.

  1. Painting brush

Whether you are career lass or a busy woman, painting is what everyone loves. Even if you have small kids at your home, they always want to get something creative from their moms. You can always use an  old makeup brush as a painting brush. You can get the exact finish like you get from the professional brushes. You can also use the brush to paint a little scrambled out area over your walls.