Some people use lip-balm only during winters but I’m a different case because I use lip-balm more often in summer than in winters. Yes, I feel my lips get more dehydrated, chapped and dry during summer than in winter. So, you’ll find lip-balm in my wallet, near my bedside and also in my pocket because I’m ADDICTED. Today’s review will be of “Crazy Rumors Raspberry Sherbet Lip-balm” which is my current favorite balm.


Product Description: Raspberry Sherbet is a flavored lip balm which relieves dryness and chapping. It contains Shea Butter and natural oils which moisturize lips while keeping them soft and smooth for hours. This product also has a sweet, fruity ice cream flavor that makes it more desirable.

Crazy Rumors Raspberry Sherbet Lip-balm comes in a twist-up plastic packaging. The cap shuts tightly and I really like the cute, convenient packaging. It has a sweet fragrance and I really like it. Every time I apply it on my lips I crave for an ice-cream because the taste reminds me of fruity ice-cream.

The texture is super creamy and not waxy like other lip-balms. It is melting a lot in Delhi summer but you can’t blame the formula because Delhi is burning really hot. It glides smoothly on lips and after application it leaves a very healthy light sheen on lips. The finish is not shiny, glossy or oily which is why I love it the most because I can also wear it beneath lipsticks. It’s non-sticky so you don’t have to worry about your hair sticking to it every time.

The formula is very moisturizing and hydrating. It heals my dry and chapped lips overnight. It also softens my lips and makes them very smooth. I either apply this balm before going to bed as overnight treatment or use it beneath my lipsticks during the daytime. It keeps my lips hydrated for long and works great under my matte lipsticks. Once applied, the balm stays for around 3-4 hours which is really good and then you need to reapply it. The only con for me will be that the balm doesn’t contain any SPF but at that price you cannot really complain.

Moreover, crazy rumors make their lip-balms with all the natural ingredients and when I looked at the ingredient-list I was super happy. It’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Overall, this is a really good lip-balm and I would highly recommend to all.


  • All good ingredients used
  • Very moisturizing and hydrating
  • Heals dry and chapped lips overnight
  • I love the sweet flavor
  • Pleasant mild fragrance
  • The texture is creamy and not waxy
  • Can be worn beneath lipstick because the formula is extremely light
  • No stickiness
  • Stays on for a long time
  • 100% vegan


  • No SPF

RBS Rating: 4.8/5

Price:  Rs. 450

Final Verdict: If you are looking for a good-quality rescue balm for your dry, chapped and dehydrated lips then do try out “Crazy Rumors Raspberry Sherbet Lip-balm” and I’m sure you’ll enjoy using it. The texture is extremely creamy so it glides easily on lips and feels very light after application. It’s a perfect lip-balm in every way.

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