Clever Ways to Use Shampoo Other Than Your Hair

Shampoo just for hair? Naay, Surprisingly shampoo for many uses. Using shampoo to get a shiny silky strong hair is what everyone does , let’s think out of the box this time and know how to multitask with shampoo with different other uses. They can be used as substitutes to many home ingredients, right from glooming your sandals to removing that extra grease from windows shampoo can be used in our daily routine. So let’s scratch in more to know the different alternative uses of shampoo.

Clever Ways to Use Shampoo Other Than Your HairSandals: Do you have those dust accumulated sandals which often looks dried up and old? Use shampoo to renovate your sandals. Take 2-3 drops of shampoo on a cloth and rub it on your sandals, it cleans the dust easily and also adds sheen to it.

While Waxing: Instead of using soap or any other foam to apply on your hands and legs before waxing, try using shampoo for once. Shampoo makes the waxing easily and also gives you silky and smooth skin after waxing. It does not even over dries your skin.

Wash your delicate wears: You can wash your delicate wears or lingerie’s in shampoo water, this will keep your garments always smelling good and fresh. Mix some appropriate amount of shampoo in water, soak your lingerie’s in the shampoo water for 10 minutes. Rinse off with fresh water again.

Remove Mehendi When Mehendi stars fading, it looks like a deadliest disease on our hand, it never fades too fast. To quick up the fading process, you can wash your hands twice a day with shampoo. Shampoo helps to remove the heena colour quickly and effectively.

Stains from cloths It always happens, the dress you like to most get the darkest stain one fine day. No need to worry about the stain, you can drop some shampoo on the stain and rub it vigorously for some time. This will help to remove the stains from your favourite cloths.

Removes Bandage Easily Pulling out your bandage can be more hurting than you wound sometimes. If you got your hand or legs bandaged from more than a day, it gets stuck badly to your skin which is hard to get out. Apply some shampoo water around the bandage with the help of a cotton swipe and this will help to loosen the edges so that it can be pulled out easily.

Use as body wash Why to shell out extra money for those expensive body washes, when you already have an excellent one stored at home. You can add some water and shampoo together to make it a mix; it removes the excess oil from the body and also gives you a baby soft skin. You can also use it as a substitute for bubble bath.

DIY hand wash Add some extra mild shampoo with water and keep it stored in a container and use it as a hand wash latter. You can prepare an excellent hand wash at your home with the choice of your shampoo.

Mopping the floor Shampoo can be put in several houses cleaning purposes. It can be used to clean floors, wooden planks and especially the shower tiles. If you run out of toilet cleaner, you can use the shampoo water for the same purpose.

Stuck Zippers. Zippers are the biggest ditchers, they can ditch you anytime. If you got your zipper stuck at a point rub some shampoo with the help of a cotton swab. This will help to free your zipper and will make it slide easily.

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