Clear and glowing skin with Oil

Clear and glowing skin with Oil Cleansing MethodCleansing is an important part of our daily skincare regimen. Clean skin is a vital prerequisite if you want clear complexion sans blemishes. An array of cleansers is available in the market. But remember that they contain lots of chemicals and mostly, they are detergent-based! So, they can never be as admired as natural cleansing methods!

When it comes to cleansing your facial skin the natural way, oil cleansing method is something you must try out! This method is one of the best ways to rinse out impurities that have accumulated in your skin without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Wish to know more about oil cleansing method? Read on!


The logic behind Oil Cleansing Method

The logic behind OCM is simple. Oil is used for dissolving the oil that has hardened over a period of time. The accumulated oil, along with impurities, is stuck in the pores of your skin. Cleansers fail to remove them and hence, oil is used to do away with them.

Till now, you were under the impression that oils only aggravate the problem of pimples and acne! So, you preferred soaps to oils. But did you know that soaps rob your skin of the essential natural oils? Skin feels dry and your body feels the urge to produce more oil to compensate this loss of natural oil. Thus, while you strip your skin of natural oils, you ask your body to produce more and more oils. This oil in turn accumulates in the pores and gives rise to a variety of skin problems. On the other hand, if you consider using oil for cleansing, the balance is restored and build-up is removed. This in turn, prevents the appearance of skin blemishes. Steam, which comprises an integral part of OCM, helps to open up the pores to help eliminate the impurities and warm cloth helps to remove excess oil. As a result, you get fresh, clear and glowing skin.

Whether your skin is oily, dry or sensitive, you can always try out this natural method of cleansing. OCM works wonders for every skin type. Initially, the method might not appear to be so effective. But be patient and let your skin get used to it. Let it adjust well and in the meantime, experiment with the oil blend to find out what works best for your skin! With OCM, your skin gets the finest skin cleansing treatment in the easiest way possible!