Calamine beauty benefits and uses

Calamine basically is a mixture of zinc oxide and ferric oxide. Calamine is known for its various beauty treatments and its one of the most effective ways to get rid of many skincare issues. Calamine powder is used by many people since years for various skin concerns. Today we shall discuss some of the various beauty benefits of using calamine.


Eczema: To ooze Eczema and other skin rashes, calamine lotion is highly effective. Just apply a small amount on the affected area directly as a topical treatment. Keep applying it 2-3 times in a day until the rash is completely gone. Calamine helps in keeping your skin dry and that is why it treats Eczema effectively.

Acne: Don’t be afraid if you wake up and see a tiny bump on your face because acne is pretty normal. It’s essential that you know how to treat acne with care so that it doesn’t leave any scars behind. You can use calamine lotion on the acne to get rid of it safely and it will also not leave any mark behind. First wash your face with water and dry it. Then take a cotton pad, put some calamine lotion on it and apply directly on the acne/pimple. Leave it overnight and next day just rinse it off using water. Repeat it for 3 nights and you will see improvement.

Improved skin texture: Calamine contains an ingredient which is “Kaolin” which helps in giving radiant skin when used regularly. Yes, applying calamine lotion daily on your skin as moisturizer or makeup base can actually improve your skin tone. With regular usage, it will lighten dark spots, will keep your skin hydrated, acne-free and will improve the texture. All in all, it’s a magic potion that every girl should use.

Reduce Scars/Marks: Calamine lotion is known as an effective product for reducing acne scars, red marks or any other kind of blemishes from face. You can just apply calamine lotion all over your face just like a moisturizer or you can use it as a spot treatment at night. It also nourishes skin. With regular usage, you will see reduction in marks and you will notice clean skin. You can also use calamine lotion as a base for your makeup and it acts as a protective layer between makeup and your skin.

Sunscreen: You can even use calamine lotion as sunscreen because it protects our skin against harmful UVA/UVB rays. Just apply it directly on arms before stepping out and prevent your skin from sunburn and suntan. If you forgot to wear sunscreen and spot sunburn on your body then also don’t fret. Just apply calamine lotion as moisturizer on the affected area 2-3 times a day and you will get rid of the sunburn immediately.

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