Brighten and soften skin with Epsom salt

Brighten and soften skin with Epsom salt

The best way to lock the skin softness is by treating your skin with Epson salt. It acts as a great scrub and leaves behind soft and brighten skin on using it on a regular basis. This is one such ingredient which you can find in your kitchen and it is also cheaper than the expensive scrubs found on the market. So what your waiting for just grab some Epson salt for your bath today and feel the changes instantly.

Brighten and soften skin with Epsom salt

Epson Salt Shower Smoothie:  Take one cup of Epson salt and one cup of Coffee ground in a bowl. Now add 2 table spoon of sesame oil and eucalyptus oil and mix all the ingredients well to form a smooth paste. Now the paste is ready, while having shower scrub this on the body and rinse with warm water. Do this at least thrice in a week for the effective result.

Epson salt Facial Scrub: Its quite easy recipe just take one tablespoon of Epson salt with cleansing cream. Massage, rinse with cool water and pat dry. Do this at least thrice in a week for the effective result.

Epson salt for Foot soak: We all love to have a bright and soft foot too and regular pedicure doesn’t end up with soft feet that we are looking for. Just try this simple recipe of Epson  salt and you will be amazed with the outcome. Just add 1/2 cup of Epsom salts to a pan of warm water. Soak feet for as long as it feels right. Rinse and dry.

Epson Salt to fade bruises: Epson salt also helps to fade the bruises on skin and turning the skin soft and brighter. Just soak a cloth in a cold water with Epson salt(2 tablespoon per cup) and apply it on the skin. Do this on regular basis to fade the bruises effectively.

Tips : You can use Epson salt recipe even to have a good hair volume. Mix one part of hair conditioner to one part of Epson salts. Apply it to your hair and let it sit for about 20 min then rinse as usual with warm or lukewarm water.

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