I love using DIY-hair packs for my hair but sometimes I feel lazy to first make the pack, then apply and then rinse. So the other day I was looking for natural hair-packs and ended up purchasing this “Biotique Bio Musk Root Fresh Growth Nourishing Treatment Pack” which I’m going to review today for you all.

DescriptionThis nourishing treatment pack is a blend of pure musk root, bael, liquorice and nutmeg to invigorate and rejuvenate the scalp, add strength to every strand and promote growth for longer, thicker, stronger hair.


Biotique Bio Musk Root Fresh Growth Nourishing Treatment Pack” comes in a big white and green tub packaging which is convenient to use. The pack looks scary in the tub because of the thick texture and jet-black color. The strong fragrance will give you herbal-natural feel while application.

The texture is thick and it has small granules in it. So, you cannot apply it directly and it is advised to dilute it with either egg or yoghurt. I use egg along with this pack. I break one egg in a bowl and then mix one heaped tablespoon of this hair pack with egg. Since the smell is very strong, I mix few drops of ylang-ylang oil for nice aroma. After mixing it for few seconds, I apply it all over my scalp and strands and then cover my head with shower cap. After 30-45 minutes, I rinse it. Washing this hair-pack is very messy because of the jet-black color which ruins the bathroom floor. The pack leaves my hair completely after 2 thorough washes so be patient and use lukewarm water. I skip using a conditioner after using the pack.

After rinsing, it made my dry hair silky smooth and I kept touching them again and again. Basically it gives you the effects as if you’re coming directly from a spa-parlor. But the salon ladies use a lot of chemicals and this hair-pack is natural, safe and economical too. My dry ends nourished and hydrated so I also skipped the conditioner. It helps in detangling the hair, controls frizz and makes tresses manageable.

I have used it 3 times till now and I think it will last for 3-4 more uses. Since the results are similar to a salon-spa I think the price is very economical and worth spending. I am very impressed with and I would recommend it to all girls who want silky, smooth and manageable hair naturally.


  • The packaging is convenient
  • Very moisturizing and hydrating
  • Makes the dry ends and strands silky smooth
  • Natural ingredient list
  • Makes hair shiny and bouncy
  • Improves hair texture
  • Makes hair manageable without conditioner
  • True to its claim
  • The fragrance gives you the natural-feel
  • If you have shoulder length hair like me then one tub is going to last for 5-6 uses which I think is affordable.


  • The pack is thick so you need to dilute it with either yoghurt or egg, so basically it’s not a ready-made pack
  • Makes a mess while rinsing the pack
  • The fragrance is a bit strong

RBS Rating: 4.5/5

Price: INR 230

Final Verdict: If your hairs are dry, damaged and lifeless then I would highly recommend you to try out “Biotique Bio Musk Root Fresh Growth Nourishing Treatment Pack”. It’s 100% natural, makes hair smooth, soft, shiny, bouncy and with regular usage improves the texture too.