Natural remedies to treat Bikini bumps or Razor burns

It is important to take care of your skin after a hair removal process to soothe any redness or irritated skin.

Natural remedies to treat Bikini bumps or Razor burns

Here are few natural ways to treat any post hair removal skin problems like red bumps after waxing or razor burns after a shave:

* Aloe vera gel: Aloe vera has soothing properties that will instantly cool the skin. Apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel to prevent any bumps or rashes.

* Apple cider vinegar: For a relief from razor burn apply apple cider vinegar to the skin and wash off after 10 mins.

* Yogurt: Apply chilled yogurt on the burn, it will help get rid of redness and calm the skin.

* Cucumber: Blend cucumber and apply it on the area to get rid of any redness. the cooling effect of cucumber will soothe the skin.

* Oil : Massage a few drops of extra virgin coconut oil or vitamin E oil to to keep the skin moisturized and avoid drying the skin.

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