Best products for oily skin

Does oily skin irritate you? Are you tired of regular acne/pimple breakouts? If yes then this article is for you. Here are the must-have products for oily skin to prevent breakout, shiny, oily and greasy skin.

Best products for oily skin

Matte Sunscreen: Protection is important for every skin type but always use matte for gel sunscreens if you have oily skin. Such sunscreens will protect your skin from harmful UV rays without aiming your skin greasy or oily. Use ¼ teaspoon sunscreen on your face and neck and massage for 3-4 minutes so that it sinks into your skin completely.

Toner: facial toners are extremely important for oily skin and it should be applied between cleansing and toning. A toner helps in maintaining the pH balance of your face and when your skin is pH balanced it is less prone to oiliness and infections. It prevents acne formation and other breakouts too. Oily skin also suffers from large open pore so using a toner shrinks the pore size and prevents bacteria from entering into the skin. Whether you use branded facial or simple rose water but one should include toner in the beauty regime. A toner reduces acne formation, hydrates skin and also tightens skin.

Moisturizer: A very common mistake oily skin people make is skipping moisturizer because they think they need to dry out their skin so skip using moisturizer. But it’s not true; if you use moisturizer according to your skin type then it will not make your skin shiny in fact it will make it more radiant. Oily skin also needs hydration as much as any other skin type. If you skip using moisturizer your skin will produce more oil and you’ll experience more breakouts. Use moisturizer according to your skin type, stay away from oily/heavy moisturizers and go for gel based moisturizers.

Primer: Primers are extremely essential especially if you have oily skin. Primers basically create a flawless smooth canvas of skin for perfect application of foundation or bb cream. It also prevents oily skin for long which eventually makes your makeup last longer than usual. There are different kind of primers available in the market like pore minimizer, line reducer etc, you can choose the one suiting your requirements. Not only this, primers also help in controlling shine from your face. Makeup artist recommend using a primer before applying foundation for a more flawless look.

Blotting Paper: It’s extremely important for people with oily skin to keep face oil-free and for this you need a blotting paper. It’s not possible to wash face every single time your face has oil that is when blotting paper comes handy. They absorb oil and sweat quickly without drying out skin and without removing makeup. Having blotting paper on hand can be life saver for oily skin beauties so always keep them in your purse.

Makeup Setting Spray: makeup doesn’t last long on girls with oily skin because facial oil dissolves foundation leaving your skin messy and sticky. If you have oily skin and want your makeup to last longer than “makeup setting sprays” are definitely for you. Using setting sprays keeps your makeup intact for more than 10 hours and prevents oil.