BEST MAKEUP TOOLS TO APPLY FOUNDATION DECODEDThe most prevalent question that I have been asked about foundations has to be which is the best tool to apply foundation? Is it the beauty blender, brush or the fingers do the trick better.

Well, today we are addressing this and will take you on a tour in detail regarding the tools, the way to apply it, basically everything that you probably want to be addressed.

Beauty blender:

Beauty blender is the most expensive foundation tool but it is worth every single penny invested in it. It has literally changed the way of the foundation application. Beauty blender is an innovative, latex-free sponge developed by Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann with the aim of getting professional makeup finish even by amateurs. But mind you I am talking about the original beauty blender, this one gives a flawless finish and comes with multiple uses. There are numerous duplicate beauty blenders today in the market but nothing beats the original or for that matter even come close to it. It is an egg-shaped sponge and is very gentle on the skin and non abrasive as well. The way to use a beauty blender is as follows.


Blender sponge is the next one in row. Currently the Real technique one is the best sponge after the beauty blender. A great tool to blend foundation and concealer. It is supposed to be used in same way as the beauty blender. You need to buff a little more with sponge comparatively. A secret tip while using sponge is to use it only to buff the foundation and not to apply.


A brush gives flawless finish too without causing any wastage of the product as well. A brush definitely gives you a better finish as opposed to fingers. There are different kind of brushes like stippling brush, buffing brush etc so choose whichever works best for you. Always remember to invest in a good quality foundation brush and also to blend it downwards while applying the foundation.


Fingers are best to apply tinted moisturizer or foundations that are too runny. Remember to be gentle while using fingers and most importantly they need to be clean. Apply the foundation is dots and then blend it over gently.

So no matter what tool you choose the key is to know to work it out in the right way.

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