So this is my today’s story where I would tell you about the different benefits of tea over skin and hair. There are many people who are glued to two to three times of tea in a day and still they feel incomplete. Tea lovers are growing day by day and they feel relaxed, clam and under control once they sip hot/cold tea in a day.



However did you ever thought brewing tea would also have some beauty benefits? Yes, tea has many anti-oxidants that can be helpful for the skin and they can help you in achieving flawless, healthy and glowing skin. Let’s check the different benefits of tea over skin.

Soothes sun burns: It happens you miss wearing those sunscreens before you head out in hot summer days. Tea bags can help you to soothe the sun burns and also reduce the redness. If not tea bag, you can also apply tea water with the help of a cotton ball which helps to remove the dead cell under skin.

Treats Stinky feet: Stinky feet are the most common problem with people who perspire heavily and have health issues. Mostly, we are used to throwing the used tea bags in trash and never thought about reusing them again. Actually they can be reused to treat stinky feet’s. Empty few tea bags in Luke warm water and sock your feet’s for 15 minutes every day.

Enhances the hair colour: Enhancing hair colour is always a tricky procedure. You spend bugs of money to get that ashy blonde colour in your hair so you need to make them preserve at least for few months. You can dye your hair with natural ingredient like tea water which helps to enhance the nature hair colour. Try these morning detox tea recipes >>

Moisturises dry skin: Many creams and daily soaps may leave your skin over dried. However you can treat them with something natural and purifying. Tea water can be used to moisturise your skin well and it also helps to hydrate your skin. You can apply tea water with the help of a cotton ball overnight and wash it off when you wake up.

Smooth your hair: The best way to smooth your hair is pamper them with tea bags. All you need to do is rinse your hair with tea water. Empty your tea bags and let it boil for 15-20 minutes and rinse your water with freshly washed water. You need to follow the process with shampoo and conditioner so that they look fuller.

Calms your after shaved skin: Taking care of freshly bleached and shaved skin is a chief factor to be considered about. If you feel itchy or red skin you need to run tea bags over your affected skin which will help to calm your rashes.

Soothe tan skin: Rubbing your body with sponge soaked in black tea water can help you to get rid of skin tan. Skin tan is not desirable for any of us and they are not treated that easily. More remedies to get rid of suntan naturally >>

Reduces puffy eyes: If you have spent a night before sitting in front of a laptop or television, you are sure to come out with puffy eyes the next day. Resting tea bags over your eyes will help to reduce the puffiness of the eyes and also improves the blood circulation there.

So, were we able to put in all the uses of tea of skin and hair?

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