BENEFITS OF SUNFLOWER OIL FOR SKIN AND HAIRSunflower oil has amazing benefits to its credit and most of us are just not aware of it. Olive oil, coconut oil are all staple in our skincare but that should not stop us from experimenting the other products that are equality benefiting and without having us to shell out big bucks. Another great thing about sunflower oil is that it is easily available, all you got do is sneak into your kitchen and get the products and get awesome results.

So without further ado let us begin our journey to explore some hidden facts about sunflower oil.

Bye bye skin infections: Sunflower oil contains essential fatty acid and this helps to prevent skin infections that includes dematitis and sunburns. Sunflower is a great antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties apart from having omega-6 fatty acids. This helps in development of new cells in the skin. In short the sunflower oil creates a protective layer on the skin and prevents the contact with bacteria and rejuvenates the skin at the same time.

Bye bye premature skin aging: Free radicals trigger skin aging as we all know. Wrinkles, fine lines can be a result of free radicals. This can be avoided by incorporating vitamin E in your diet. The easiest way to get that is through sunflower oil. All you got to do is apply sunflower oil on your skin on regular basis. This will make sure that your skin’s elasticity and collagen is sustained and younger looking skin is yours for a long time.

Bye bye acne: Sebaceous gland is responsible for acne formation. Excessive sebum production by sebaceous gland is the reason for acne formation. Sunflower oil will help to create a protective layer which will prevent the bacteria making any direct contact with the skin and thereby protecting the skin from further damage.

Bye Bye lifeless skin: Lifeless dull skin can now be a thing of past with this super body Sunflower scrub- Sunflower oil scrub is a perfect way of getting smooth silky skin while cleansing the skin and driving out dead skin. Mix one and a half cup of sunflower oil with 3 cups of sugar. Mix this mixture and scrub in circular motion all over your legs, hands and body regularly while bathing. Before using this scrub wash your body with warm water. This will get you better results.

Bye bye thin hair: Sunflower oil is not just great for your skin but can do wonders for your hair too. Vitamin E is very essential for hair growth. To get smooth, black, long hair take sunflower oil, coconut oil, olive oil in equal quantity and warm it a bit. Apply this oil on the hair roots and leave it for an hour or so. Then wash it off. Do this treatment regularly once in every week and you will notice that your hair is thick, with better texture and it is growing too.