A scalp massage is the ultimate way to relief stress and assures mental well-being of a person. According to Ayurveda, benefits of scalp massage starts from nourishing it deeply which start with nourishment. It  encourages relaxing your senses but also provides a remedy to the crick of the neck. Here we got you few benefits of getting a scalp massage done, so read on to know more about it:


1. It helps to lubricate the scalp which helps to treat the flake and a scaly scalp. It helps to nourish the scalp deeply which makes the hair follicles grow stronger.

2. Scalp massage helps to enhance the blood circulation from the body to the toe which ultimately realises the pain and stress of the body.

3. Scalp massaging helps to treat brittle and spit end hair. Rubbing oil on the lower end of the hair, helps to treat spilt ends.

4. Getting a scalp massage helps to condition your hair and leaves you with silky and smooth hair.

5. Scalp massage helps to nourish the hair follicles deeply and also induces the growth of new hair tresses.

5. Dandruff can be the worst ever problem with everyone, which does not, gets away soon. Getting a scalp massage in every month helps to treat dandruff and helps to them at way. Best home remedies to treat dandruff naturally >>

6. Getting a scalp massage done helps to provide vital vitamin and proteins needed by the scalp with promotes hair growth.

7. If you see your hair turning grey, getting a scalp massage helps to reverse the greying of hair.

8. Scalp massaging is done with the help of essential oils which helps to restore the natural oil on the scalp and makes the hair look lustrous and shiny too.

9. Combating hair loss is the important benefits of getting a scalp massage done every week or at least in a month. There may be many reasons behind losing your hair, but getting a scalp massage done with essential oil helps to combat the hair loss for 90%.

10. What about sleep? Yes, whether it is a facial or massage, they help to induce deep sleep. Massaging your scalp helps to calm the senses and body, this ultimately induces good sleep.

Fighting against the bacterial and fungus infection is among one the benefit of getting a scalp massage. Getting a scalp massage with an essential oil enriched with herb helps to calm your nervous system too. Here is the list of top essential oils to use for healthy hair >>