No one remembers to oil your hair regularly? But, do you remember to shampoo your tresses? Yes. Certainly why not. Importance of oil is declining day by day, where people remember to shampoo their hair, apply serum, conditioners and what not? But you don’t want to oil your hair just because it is sticky and you can’t head out with oily and sticky hair. Oil is very beneficial to your hair which provides nourishment to your hair and scalp making them strong and here are benefits of oiling your hair regularly.



  1. Prevents dandruff

Dandruff is due to dry rough scalp, and they mostly cause itching and hair fall and breakage. Dandruff is a result of an over dry scalp which stretches and forms little particles of dandruff when comes in contact with skin may lead to acne. Oiling your hair regularly, will combat your dry scalp and nourish them as well.

  1. Shine and lustrous hair

Even if you may be having big long hair, shine is what makes them look good. Lustrous and shiny hair is what everyone wants and you may easily achieve this by oiling your hair. Oil is made up of natural oil extracted from various healthy ingredients which results in adding shine to the hair and also make them look lustrous. You should keep oiling your hair at least twice in a week and let it stay over your scalp at least for a day.

  1. Strengthens your hair

Hair protein is very essential to give you a long and strong hair. If the hair follicles are nourished regularly with oil, it would help to treat your brittle dry hair and provide some essential vitamins and proteins needed for the hair growth. You can reduce the frizz in the morning by massaging your scalp with these 5 best hair oils, they are best to keep your scalp nourishes and also strength your hair.

  1. Prevents fungal infections

Did you know there are high chances of fungal infection on your scalp if you are not oiling your hair regularly? Clogging of pores may lead to bacterial and fungal infection over scalp which are usually due to excessive dandruff layer formed over your scalp. It not take proper precaution, this minor problem continues to be a major situation. Oil acts as a replenishing agent which helps to treat clogged pores and fights against the fungal activities undertaken by the scalp.

  1. Hair Regrowth

Baldness is the major problem between youngsters these days. They are facing the age of baldness at a very young age which have no remedy and cure once it exceeds a limit. Applying oil to your hair helps to regrow your hair from the bald areas and also nourishes the follicles well. Hair is just a protein strand which needs proteins and vitamins. DIY hot oil hair treatment at home >>

Oiling your hair is very important to keep your mind and senses calm too. Besides treating dandruff it also treats your dry scalp and provided proper nourishment to the body. Just like rest other human beings, hair needs food too and you can provide them by oiling regularly.

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