Everyone wants to have a fit body, strong immunity, good appearance, good internal health etc. and this only comes with healthy eating and little exercise. Nuts are long known for their health benefits and are used in most dishes, salads, smoothies or simply are eaten roasted. Here are health benefits of some popular nuts we use on regular terms those we need to include in our diet:



The vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins in pistachio are all very good for your health. Regular consumption of pistachios facilitates better digestion, protects against hypertension and diabetes. It also has fat burning properties that aids weight loss.


Hazelnuts are high in fibre that makes digestion quick and smooth. They are also full of vitamins and minerals and promote healthy blood. Regular consumption gives a daily dose of vitamin E, B and also makes bones stronger.


Brazil nuts play a significant role in reducing the risk of heart disease as they help reduce bad cholesterol. Owing to the Vitamin E component in them, brazil nuts are considered as Brain Food that helps improve neural health. Regular consumption reduces blood sugar levels, prevents reproductive disorders and lowers risk of cancers.


Cashew nuts can improve the health of your heart. Most of the fat that cashews contain is the same healthy, oleic acid that is found in olive oil. These nuts reduce the occurrence of cancer to a great level as it has antioxidants like selenium and vitamin E which obstructs the free radical oxidation in the body and boosts the immunity. Cashews are especially rich in magnesium, which is needed, in addition to calcium that cashews also contain, for the maintenance of strong, healthy bone structure. More: Cashew milk benefits.


The presence of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in almonds help in lowering the levels of LDL while improving HDL levels. Loaded with fibre, assorted minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats, these nuts ensure that glucose is absorbed and processed the right way.  Magnesium of almonds enhances blood circulation, in turn, alleviating hypertension and thus, saving your heart. Facilitates better brain function, makes bones stronger and skin healthy.


Chestnuts are rich in foliate and have high vitamin C content and good amount of vitamin A. Chestnuts have less fats as compared to other nuts. Contains potassium, proteins and increases metabolism rate.


When included as part of a healthy diet, walnuts can help in weight loss. Packed with a good dose of fibre and protein, an ounce of these nuts can keep you full, preventing overindulgence. Plus, they also give you Omega 3 fatty acids, a prominent weight loss promoter. People who are pre-diabetics as well as diabetics can use these nuts to avert the perils of diabetes. Packed with antioxidants and vitamin B, walnuts can do wonders in eliminating the free radicals and the oxidative stress so induced.  More: Benefits of walnuts.


One cup of pecan halves contains 1.39mg of Vitamin E. That equates to 7% of the daily value that is recommended for most adults. Pecans are high in calories, but they’re also a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, foliate, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, and more.


Peanuts are a great energy booster and contain essential MUFA. Peanuts are also rich in fibre and protein which makes it a great after-work out snack and also balances metabolism.


These nuts are a rich source of vitamin A, riboflavin, protein, thiamine etc. Macadamia contains antioxidants like polyphenols, Amino acids, flavones, and selenium that helps body get rid of heavy metals. Regular consumption of these nuts helps in maintaining healthy blood lipid profile and thus offers protection from coronary artery disease and strokes.