BENEFITS OF INDIAN BLACK SALTIndian black salt, also known as kala namak or sanchal, is a type of Indian volcanic rock salt commonly used in India and other Asian countries.

The “black” salt is actually pinkish-grey due to the presence of iron and other minerals and not exactly black.

This special salt is found in the Himalayan mountain ranges and has some excellent health benefits that you should know about. Here are the top benefits of Indian Black Salt:

  • Indian black salt consists primarily of sodium chloride, which is the main component of table salt, and trace impurities that include sulfates, sulfides, iron and magnesium. The sodium chloride provides the salty taste, the iron sulfide provides its pinkish-grey colour and the hydrogen sulphide provides its distinctive smell.
  • Indian black salt is considered a cooling spice in ayurvedic medicine and is recommended for many health issues such as constipation, indigestion, heartburn, bloating, flatulence, goitre, poor eyesight and hysteria.


  • In India, black salt is sometimes recommended to people on low-salt diets due to hypertension because it’s believed to be lower in sodium content compared to regular table salt.
  • According to centuries of tradition, black salt is a ‘cooling’ salt that is filled with therapeutic benefits. It can be used as a laxative and as a cure for intestinal disorders.
  • It has benefits for eyesight and unlike common salt, does not enhance your sodium intake. However, due to its high sulphur content, it can also weaken the digestion in large amounts, and so a balanced use is recommended, no more than you would regular salt.
  • Another use for black salt is skincare. Instead of chemical peels, special soaps and spas, consider adding black salt to your bath water. It works as an excellent healing agent, especially good for cracked, swollen feet, athlete’s foot, warts and sprains.
  • The essential minerals in black salt boost your hair’s natural growth, strengthen it and treat its split ends.
  • If you have dandruff or acute hair loss, I recommend taking black salt with tomato juice at least once a day. Not only will it encourage hair growth, but will also make your hair thicken, with more sheen and lustre.
  • Indian black salt is used extensively on Indian food, including chutneys, yogurts, pickles, salads and all kinds of fruits. It’s often appreciated by strict vegans because it mimics the taste of eggs in tofu and other vegetarian dishes.
  • During the hot Indian summer months, it’s also sometimes used to flavour cool drinks, which is a practical way to replace sodium lost through excessive perspiration.

Incorporate this amazing salt in your cooking, hair care and skincare!

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