BENEFITS OF DRINKING GARLIC JUICE AND HOW TO MAKE IT AT HOME Garlic offers a bountiful of health benefits where garlic is anti oxidants and also contains medicinal properties. Surprisingly, but true garlic is from onion family and they gained a world wide popularity due to its medical and cooking purposes. Garlic promotes the well being of heart and they can be used widely in strengthening the immune system and fighting against diseases. When garlic is chopped, it produces allicin that acts as a anti biotic properties with the ability of producing powerful germs and reproducing them. However, we have got similar benefits on drinking garlic juice too.

  1. Helps to destroy bad cholesterol

Garlic is rich in anti oxidants, which helps in killing the free radicals and bad cholestrol in the main stream of blood. Due to anti oxidants in the body, it further aids in improving the immune system of the body and keeping the body away from any seasonal allergies.


  1. Helps to maintain sugar level

This is not something new introduced by science. Garlic juice is used to maintain the sugar level in the body, which avoids the risk of diabetes in a person.


  1. sagging skin and breast

Garlic juice is extremely rich in vitamins, proteins and other anti oxidants, which helps to rejuvenate the skin and tone the skin evenly.


  1. Sore throat

Drinking garlic juice can help to treat sore throat. You can sip garlic juice twice a day or simply gargle with this juice.


  1. Helps to treat baldness

Garlic juice is extremely beneficial product, which helps to aid baldness. Applying concentrated garlic juice in the bald areas helps to treat baldness permanently. Let the mixture dry on the scalp and then wash off with cold water.


  1. Helps to treat rigid pimples

However, garlic juice has strong anti bacterial properties, which helps to get rid of acne easily. So, the simple trick of using garlic juice is applying on the acne and leaving them for 5 minutes. This should not be used overnight; it may lead to various reactions.


  1. Lowering blood pressure

Drinking garlic juice can help to lower the blood pressure by further avoiding various other risks. It also helps to strength heart and avoids further heart arrest.
How to make garlic juice at home

Making garlic juice at home is quite simple, which can be used in beauty regime as well as beneficial for health. Making garlic juice at home is quite inexpensive, as they are found cheap in local markets and are also found in every home. So, let’s start preparing the juice.


Things you require

  • 1-2 garlic
  • Lemon (optional)
  • Honey or sugar (optional)




  1. Peel off the garlic cover and blend them finely in grinder. This won’t get converted completely into paste, but they look somewhat fine finely chopped.
  2. Now put this paste in the water, and leave the water undisturbed.
  3. Now take another glass and stain out the garlic from water which is mostly irritated when you are drinking juice.
  4. To add some taste, you can obviously add some sugar or honey to it.
  5. 1 teaspoon of honey would surely make it delicious.
  6. Your garlic juice is ready.


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