BENEFITS OF BLACK SOAP OVER SKIN AND HAIR Black soap is also known as African black soap which literally black in color and creamy in texture. After the world went gaga over beauty benefits of charcoal, it is a new turn for black soap. Black soap is made out of aloe Vera, Shea butter, organic honey, palm ash, water and Plantin. It is extremely good over skin which leaves them moisturized and hydrated too. Here we brought you some benefits of using black soap over skin and hair.

  1. Gives UV protection

Because African black soap is extremely enriched with Shea butter it acts as a natural UV protector which keeps you skin away from the harmful UVB rays. It also helps to keep the skin well hydrated and moisturized especially in summer season.

  1. Helps in giving even tone

One of the most important benefit of black soap is it helps to eliminate discoloration on the skin. The honey and the nark of Plantin used helps to deeply exfoliate the skin and also give and even pigmentation. Black soap is the only ingredient which helps to give you even tone skin in just few days of application.

  1. Cleanses deep

Black soap contains high amount of palm ash which helps to penetrate deep inside the skin and also clean the pores thoroughly. It helps tin removing white and black heads over face, cleans the skin by reducing the scar mark and also reduces the chance of acne over face.

  1. Healthy skin

Due to organic Shea butter and honey used in the making of soap it helps in promoting healthy skin. Due to anti-bacterial properties in honey, the soap helps to treat all kind of skin infection over them. It also helps in removing the damaged cells accumulated over skin.

  1. Helps in treating skin irritation

Due to natural and organic ingredients used in the making of black soap. It effectively helps me soothing the skin and also reducing the skin irritation. While using black soap, it is extremely creamy in texture so make sure you are not applying this vigorously over skin, especially in case of sensitive skin.

  1. Suits all type of skin

Whatever is your skin type; there are always some disadvantages of skin. People with oily skin cannot hold the oil over face, while people with dry skin assume their skin to be dry land. On the other hand, it is always a problem for people with sensitive skin. Using black soap is suitable for all kind of skin ranging from babies to adults. A study has shown that there is no disadvantage of using black soap on babies’ skin too.

Storing black soap

  • Black soap is extremely smooth and soft in texture which starts melting sooner. It should always be stored in air tight container or a plastic bag.