Aloe Vera Scalp Exfoliator to Stimulate Healthy Hair Growth

Long and healthy hair is a beauty asset that can totally change your looks. However, not all are blessed with naturally healthy hair and stunted hair growth can be a result of genes, lack of hair care, scalp infections, lack of nutrition etc. There are a lot of commercial hair treatments that claim to stimulate hair growth and make your hair long and thick, but not all work!

Aloe vera is long known for its skin and hair beautifying properties and it can be a great natural remedy to stimulate hair growth! Below is how you can make an overnight hair mask using aloe vera for stimulating hair growth along with its benefits:



Aloe vera promotes hair growth, moisturizes hair, relieves scalp itching, reduces dandruff and deep conditions them.
Aloe vera strengthens hair follicles making your hair less prone to hair fall.
Aloe vera also improves blood circulation in the scalp, thus facilitating hair growth.
Regular use of this mask strengthens hair follicles, reduces frizz and vanishes hair breakage and also is a great hair growth stimulator.
Cinnamon in this recipe speeds up cell division and contributes to natural hair growth.
Cinnamon increases blood circulation and provides the hair with necessary nutrients.

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Things you need:

  • 2 tablespoons of pure aloe vera gel
  • 1/2 teaspoon of organic ceylon cinnamon powder

Note: Increase the quantity of the ingredients according to hair length.


In a bowl, take 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel. You can either use store bought pure aloe gel or use freshly scooped one. Add in cinnamon powder and give the mixture a good mix making sure there are no lumps.

Once you are done with this, apply the mask all over hair and scalp. Do not worry if your scalp tingles a bit — it shows that the mask is working on the scalp. Tie a bun and cover your head with a shower cap. Shampoo it off after 10-15 mins.


Caution – patch test before use.