Everyone is well acquainted with the fact that water helps to lead you to a strong and healthy life, but did you knew it also helps to make you look beautiful? Yes, water can make you look beautiful naturally; it helps to discover the gorgeous self in you. Human body majorly consist of water which helps to keep your body going. Besides the different healthy benefits, water helps you to get a flawless skin without a pinch of makeup over it. Girls who drink lots and lots of water do not need to apply makeup, as they look beautiful and carefree without it. Drinking water is the beauty secret of many gorgeous celebrities too and this fact made us to bring this post here. So let’s check the beauty benefits of water.


1. Makes your hair healthy: Only washing your hair with water keeps your scalp moisturised and also maintains the hydration value. It helps to flush out the unwanted dirt on the scalp and keeps it naturally healthy.

2. Shiny hair: If you want your hair to look shiny and lustrous as normal, water is the best thing ever you could use. Simply washing your hair with water retains the essential oil on the scalp and makes them strong and shiny too.

3. Cleanses skin: Water is essential to keep your skin clean and healthy. It provides the vital vitamins and minerals to the skin and also replaces the damages tissues and cell. Simply washing your face with water keeps your skin well hydrated and appears clean too.

4. Combats wrinkles: Wrinkles are mostly found on dry and no hydrated faces. People drinking lots and lots of water help to combat the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines on face. Washing your face twice with cold water helps to trigger the blood circulation throughout the face which in results leads to give you a radiant and younger looking face.

5. Tightens your skin: This is the very ancient method practise around the world to tighten the skin naturally with water. You need to take a cloth and dip it completely in cold water. Squeeze the cloth and let the extra water drain down. Now put this cloth over your face and let it sit undisturbed for few minutes. This will help to tighten the skin naturally. DIY turmeric ice cubes for beauty >>

6. Relaxes your skin: A cold shower bath helps to relax the skin and also make you feel stress free. Most of the time stress is the prime reason for dull and dryness on the skin. It gives an appearance of a dead skin and you a stressed out person comes spots wrinkles and fine lines on face. Cold shower bath help to regenerate new cells and replace the dead ones.

7. Open pores: Taking a warm water bath can help to open the pores and pull out the dirt around them. When the pores are open, they become a resting place for dirt and other dust particles on the face, which gets clogged after sometime. Open and clogged pores are responsible for acne on the face and also restrict the skin to breathe freely. You can exfoliate your skin well and then close the pores with warm water.

8. Puffy eyes: Cold water compress or simply keeping a cloth submerged in cold water can help you to reduce the puffy eyes. The water evaporates after some time which leaves the area around eye cool.

9. Treats irritation on skin: It is only the cold water that can calm any sort of irritation on the skin. Water is essential in soothe the senses and also reduce itching over face. If you have an extra sensitive skin, rub few eye cubes over your face and skin which will relax your skin and allow it to breathe freely.

10. Set up makeup: Did you know water can be used to set flawless makeup on face? Spraying little of cold water before you wear makeup helps to set the makeup flawlessly on face and also makes it last for longer. Water helps the makeup to blend easily and evenly over face.

Water is a natural ingredient which helps to restore the proteins, vitamins and other essentials needed by the face. Keeping in mind about the beauty and health benefits of water, we would request you to drink lots and lots of water.

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