Amazing beauty tips using strawberry

Amazing beauty tips using strawberry

Strawberries are juicy, yummy and mouth watering; we all love to eat not only fruits but also strawberry ice creams, smoothies, desserts and shakes. Strawberry is known as queen of fruits. Strawberry is not just delicious but also has many beauty benefits due to its rich source of vitamin c, antioxidant properties.

Amazing beauty tips using strawberryLet us look at beauty tips with strawberry with skin, hair and teeth:

FOR SKIN: Strawberry has satisfying taste buds; it is proven to be as a beauty enhancer and works wonderfully on your skin.

Excellent cleanser: Strawberry has good cleansing properties It has salicylic acid which helps to remove the dead cells from skin and tightens your pores.

Improves complexion: Strawberry is used to lighten the skin complexion. It is very effective as it reduces freckles and age spots. One can directly apply strawberry to their face and after 15 minutes, with cold water wash your face to get fair and glowing skin.

Skin toner: Strawberries can be used to tone our skin. Dip a cotton pad in some strawberry juice  and use it all over the face. Lave it on for 5mins and rinse off for a clear skin.

Protect from Ultraviolet radiation: Ellagic acid is found in strawberries. This acid helps to protect skin from ultraviolet rays and they also protect from skin ageing.

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Anti ageing: Strawberries contain antioxidants and vitamin c which helps to prevent damage caused by free radicals and prevents from anti ageing.

Acne Treatment: Strawberry contains Alpa Hydroxy acids, flavonoids and salicylic acid which help in reducing oil and clearing acne. Mash some strawberries and use it as a face mask or mix it with sugar for a delicious scrub.

Treatment for pigmentation: Strawberries contains good amount of oral ingestion and ellagic acid which is widely used to cure hyperpigmentation which is caused by UV rays. Mash some strawberries and use it along with honey to lighten pigmentation.

FOR TEETH: Strawberries contains good amount of malic acid which is known as natural enamel whitener. Take strawberries pulp and mix with baking soda and this pate need to be spread on teeth. After 5 minutes, brush your teeth and rinse off thoroughly.

FOR EYES: Strawberries are good source of vitamin c which helps to protect our teeth from UV rays thus it strengthen your retina and cornea. Include this fruit in your diet and get bright eyes.

Reduce under eye puffiness: A strawberry acts as a natural astringent and is used to reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Cut thin slices of strawberries and place them under your eyes for 10-15mins.

FOR LIPS: Want kissable pink lips?? Make a strawberry lips scrub, cut a strawberry in half, dip it into fine sugar and use it to exfoliate your lips. The fruit acids will lighten and plump up the lips.