The porcelain skin with rosy cheeks reminds of the fairy tale characters like snow-white, rose-red and many more with their origin from snowy climates. It is true that people living in chilly climates have better skin type and complexion from those living in heat temperatures. But that does not mean to shift your hometown to Snow Mountains, search your own homemade coolants for your skin.

BEAUTY SECRETS FROM HOMEMADE ICE CUBES - herbal ice cubesThe most simple and ready coolant with numerous skin benefits are the ice cubes from your refrigerator. Clogging of pores, reducing acne size, cooling the sun tan, before and after makeup, eye rest and many skin friendly benefits are gained from ice cubes. Instead of freezing just water cubes, prepare herbal solution and freeze them to cubes. These herbal ice cubes are very useful after a stressful day and a best alternative for your face packs.

Herbal Ice cubes: Procedure: To one glass of water add 2 strands of neem leaves (10 to 15 leaves), add half spoon organic turmeric and allow them to boil for 10 minutes. Allow the solution to cool down; Pour into ice tray which forms herbal cubes. You can read the many benefits of ice cube facial >>

BEAUTY SECRETS FROM HOMEMADE ICE CUBESThe prepared ice cubes are filled with neem and turmeric goodness. They work wonderful on pimples and blackheads clogging and blocking the pores, thus preventing reoccurrence of acne. The result is similar to any of your anti acne face masks without the fear of drying of skin.

Milk cubes: Procedure: You can either pour diluted milk to the trays or prepare a milk powder solution (one glass of water and half cup of milk powder). Freeze them to tiny ice cubes. Do not pour hot milk to the ice tray while freezing as the milk might spoil. Allow it attain room temperature before refrigeration.

Pamper your skin with these milk-white cubes in hot weathers and when your skin feels dry and dull. These cubes are the best moisturisers and quench the skins thirst.