Cool Beauty products – products in fridge

Ever heard of storing your beauty products in the fridge?? If you choose to refrigerate your beauty products, then here is a list of products to help you with this beauty tip.

Beauty productsBODY LOTION: Keep your body lotion refrigerated specially during summer. If you have a sunburn than slater the cold lotion to instantly soothe the skin.

EYE CREAM: To treat puffy eyes, store the eye cream in the fridge. The cooling effect of the cold eye cream will treat puffy eyes.

NAIL POLISH: Store the nail polish in the refrigerator before you polish your nails to make it slide on smoothly.

HAIR OIL: Keep the natural hair oils like coconut or olive oil in the fridge to prolong the shelf life.

FACE/ BODY MIST: Store your perfume in the fridge to not only preserve and protect the smell but will also feel refreshing to spritz during summer.

EYELINER: Freeze the eyeliner or lip pencil 15mins before you sharpen to minimize the breakage of your eyeliner pencil.

QUICK TIP: Make sure to store the products properly and in a closed container or bags.