How to treat a Cold With These Super Effective Baths

Beat Your Cold With These Super Effective BathsHaving a cold can be a drag on a person’s resources. Lethargy, headaches, and body aches are informs you that the common cold is coming for a visit.  It is very relaxing and therapeutic to take a hot steaming bath when you are down with this nagging condition. And to pep up its therapeutic benefits, you can add some really fabulous herbs and/oils. Put your impatience to an end and just scroll down and start reading to know more about these easing cold healing baths!

The 3 Simple And Effective Cold Healing Baths

  1. Hot bath with Essential oils:

Taking a hot bath in itself can help greatly with a common cold, as the steam from the bath helps to humidify the nasal passages.  Nasal passages are usually clogged with phlegm and such, and a little hydration can go a long way relieving that congestion. The  benefits of a steam bath can be perked up with the addition of some essential oils such as peppermint and eucalyptus. These are great decongestants and wonderful anti-inflammatory elements too.

  1. The Detox Bath

Eliminate the viruses that triggered your cold with this super cool detoxification mechanism, The body temperature is pepped up, promoting an enhanced level of decongestion. Add 1 cup each of baking soda and Epsom salt to a bathtub filled half with warm water. Mix in 3 tsp of ground ginger and stir thoroughly with your hand. Mix in a few drops of lavender oil to this mixture. Soak about half an hour to eliminate the accumulated toxins and decongest yourself. Along with sweating and improving the basal temperature of the body, ginger will help in easing the inflammation and body pain associated with common cold.

While this is an effective solution to ward off cold, ensure that you do it just twice a week.

  1. Sea Salt Bath

You can use a blend of sea salts, crushed sage, and Echinacea oil to help you combat the troubling common cold. Add a little tea tree oil also to this mixture to pep up the value of this healing bath. Mix in ½ cup of sea salts with 1 cup crushed sage and a couple of drops of Echinacea oil and tea tree oil to a bathtub filled with hot water. Powder 5 to 6 camphor tablets and mix this also to this piping hot bath. Soak yourself for 20 to 30 minutes to allow the pain and uneasiness to vanish.

Along with soaking yourself in these baths, treat yourself with ginger tea and chicken soup. Drink plenty of water to prevent yourself from getting dehydrated. Also ensure that you are taking adequate rest. Keep yourself warm and do steam inhalation twice or thrice a day and you will see the cold vanishing within a couple of days.

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