BB CREAM VS. CC CREAMBB and CC creams are the latest trend in the beauty industry because they are versatile and promise to the job of 5-6 jars. Yes, you can either use BB or CC cream and you’re good to go out without layering your face with multiple creams and makeup. This one makeup product is enough to do all the work for you. If you’re new with makeup then you should read this article. Here we’ll discuss all about BB and CC creams.

BB creams: BB stands for blemish balms and they were first invented in Korea but now they are all over the world. Last year, every brand was curious to launch their BB cream first. BB creams basically work as sheer foundation that can be used by girls who don’t want much coverage but still want even-looking complexion.

CC cream: CC stands for color-correcting cream and it’s the advanced version of BB cream. If you don’t like the sheer coverage of BB cream and even hate the heavy coverage of foundation, then you must try CC cream. It gives you a coverage which is something between BB cream and a foundation. It aims in covering redness, dark spots and marks from face.

Let’s talk about the main difference between a CC and Bb cream:

  • Texture: BB creams have a thick texture whereas CC creams have lighter and easily bendable texture. Since a lot of customer complained about thick texture of BB creams, the brands are now coming with lighter texture which is easy-to-blend and doesn’t require much effort.
  • Properties: BB cream comes along with the properties of sheer foundation, sunscreen, moisturizer and anti-aging creams while CC creams have additional properties other than these like primer, oil control and color-correcting formula.
  • Finish: Since CC cream come with oil controlling formula they give your face a semi-matte finish while BB cream gives matte finish. Some BB cream available in India also provide dewy finish, you can purchase whatever suits you.
  • Coverage: BB creams will give you sheer coverage just like a tinted moisturizer. While CC cream will give you medium coverage which is more than a BB cream but less than a foundation. BB cream will even out your face while CVC cream will even out your face but will also lighten marks and redness from your face.

There are many BB creams available in India but only 2-3 brands have launched CC cream, I have tried many BB creams, you can read more about in the article, which bb-cream is the best ?? What is your pick girls?

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