Ayurvedic SkinCare Tips for Healthy & Glowing Skin

All the individual has a different type of skin tone and in ayurveda the skin types are divided into 3 different categories that is  Vata skin(Thin delicate and cool to touch), Pitta skin( Fair and sensitive) and Kapha skin( Oily and thick). You might have any type of skin it’s all about how you take care of it. Today will tell you 6 simple way ayurvedic skin care tips that u can add in your daily routine.


Eat right:

If you really want a good and healthy skin, then you need to reduce your oil and junk food intake. Eat lot of fruits and green vegetables. Intake of this not only helps to purify the blood but also balances your diet. Detoxify  using herbs for flawless complexion >>

Drink Water:

Water is considered to be the best detoxifier. The more you intake is more its benefits. Intake at-least 8-10 glasses of water on the daily basis. The water keeps your body hydrated, you can also have green tea, fresh juice which adds extra benefits to your skin.

Physical and breathing exercise:

How we do exercise to keep our self fit and healthy similarly we also need to do face and breathing exercise. According to ayurveda the exercise  has a deep impact on our skin, boosts the blood circulation and helps in detoxification. List of Ayurveda herbs for skin and hair >>

Get relaxing massage:

Don’t be workaholic, always take some time for your self to relax and the best way to do that is the massage. You can relax your face with a good oil massage or take complete oil body massage and enjoy your day. Massage helps to boost the blood circulation and increases the flexibility of the skin. Massage Your Way to Health and Beauty with Ayurvedic Oil Massage >>

Good Sleep:

To have a good day start you always need a good sleep. The lack of sleep can trigger your entire day with bad emotions which leads to stress. So go to bed on the right time and gain a nice sound sleep. The beauty sleep can only lead you to have a fresh and young looking skin. Natural remedies for good sleep >>