Nobody likes blemishes on face! They are not only unsightly but also play with the level of your confidence. A blemish is a mark or a discoloration of the skin. It could be a single mark or some areas that could present in a variety of colours. It could be a flat spot on skin or raised areas. There are different types of blemishes that occur due to different causative reasons. The market is flooded with products to battle blemishes, but they are often expensive and chemical-based. Instead, you can turn to Ayurveda to get rid of blemishes and pamper your skin at the same time. Here are the top Ayurveda remedies for blemishes:


Aloe has been used in several skin care products. It helps in rejuvenating the skin making it shiny and strong. It prevents wrinkles, clears blemishes and prevents aging marks. The succulent aloe vera gel contains polysaccharides that stimulate the growth of new skin cells and help heal scars and blemishes.

Remedy 1:  Extract fresh aloe vera gel from an aloe leaf and apply it on your skin. Leave it on until it dries completely before washing it off. Repeat daily for about a month or more.

Remedy 2: You can also create a mixture of two tablespoons of aloe vera gel and one teaspoon each of lemon juice and sugar. Gently rub it on your skin, let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse it off. Do this two or three times a week until you get rid of the blemishes.


Acne and blemishes that is caused by bacteria and extra oil/dead skin cells clogging up pores may improve with the use of an orange peel face mask of sorts, thanks to the vitamin C, citric acid, and it’s astringent properties. The vitamin C is particularly helpful because it promotes the growth of new healthy cells, keeping your skin in better condition overall.

How to use: Rinse your face with water and pat dry. Grind/pound up your orange peels (you could use a blender, mortar and pestle, whatever gets the job done) and add a little water to create a paste. Add a little at a time, as too much will make it too thin and runny. Once you have the right consistency, apply it to your face and/or problem areas. Wait for 20-25 minutes. Ideally the mask should be firm, but it can still work if it isn’t. Rinse off completely with water, pat your face dry, and apply a good moisturize.


Soak 7-8 almonds in water for 12 hours. Peel and crush them. Add a little milk to make a paste and apply on blemishes. Leave it overnight and wash with cold water in the morningDo this for at least 2 weeks for visible results.


Banana peels have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the redness and inflammation of pimples. Plus, they are loaded with potassium and antioxidants that are great for the skin.

How to use: Rub the inside of a peel of a ripe banana on the affected area for five to 10 minutes. Leave it on as long as possible; you need not wash it off with water. Repeat three times a day until you get rid of your blemishes.


Lemon juice can help get rid of breakouts for a number of reasons. It is rich in vitamin C, which is good for all types of skin, and it’s a citric acid, so it helps ‘exfoliate’ the skin as well. Most importantly though, it is an astringent. An astringent will cause a contraction of body tissues, and will therefore dry out the blemish itself.

How to use: Rinse face gently with water and pat dry. Dab fingers, a cotton ball, or a Q-tip in lemon juice and apply to pimple. If it stings, try mixing it first with a bit of yogurt.


Manjistha is an excellent herb famous for its beautiful actions on the outer skin. It has magnificent powers on the skin that nourish and replenish it in a beautiful way. It is anti-inflammatory and relieves wound and inflammations, helps in ulcers, blemishes and skin disorders.

How to use: Add some water to majishta powder, make a paste and apply on face. wash off after 15 minutes. Do this for several weeks daily.


  • Grind 2-3 henna leaves and 1/2 tea spoon of turmeric together .Follow this clear skin tip regularly to get spotless and perfect skin naturally.
  • Mix mint juice and basil leave juice in equal measure to apply on your blemishes to cure them naturally.
  • Mix 1 spoon of barley flour,1 spoon of honey,1 spoon of curd together .Apply on the face and leave for 20 minutes. Rub while removing this pack. This natural remedy is very effective for treating black /dark spots of the face.
  • Cucumber juice mixed with lime juice works wonders for scar removal and pimples reduction.


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