Spending hours watching TV and working on computers can take a troll on eye health. Like I always say, Ayurveda has solutions to all the health problems and eye-care is no exception. According to Ayurveda, The eye is governed by Alochaka Pitta, a subdosha of Pitta which becomes less balanced as we age. That’s why it’s important to care for your eyes throughout life. These doshas can get imbalanced due to a variety of reasons and can be treated by ayurvedic remedies. Here are the top Ayurvedic eye remedies:


Rub the palms against each other or hold them under hot water (not too hot!). Now position your hands on your face. The base of the pinkie fingers will be right on the bridge of your nose. Keep your eyes open underneath your fingers to see if light passes through it. If you see light, correct the placement of your palms until you get perfect coverage that does not allow any light to your eyes. Now close your eyes and keep the palms as it is. Breathe slowly and concentrate on your breathing. Continue doing this for 10-15 minutes.


Foot massage not only relaxes you but also soothes eye strain and helps improve eyesight. Soles and middle two fingers of both the feet are pressure points for eye sight according to Ayurveda. Focus on these two points while having a foot massage.


According to Ayurveda, Almonds and fennel seeds are effective to improve your eyesight significantly. Take equal amount of almond, large fennel (fennel seeds) and sugar (Kuja mishri) and grind them to make a fine powder. Keep the mixture in a glass vessel or in plastic container on a safe place. Now the remedy is ready to use. Take 10 gram of this remedial mixture with 250 ml of milk at every night before you go to sleep.


Walking barefoot on grass in the morning dew for about 30 minutes is a well known and very effective remedy or practice for eyesight. It is also considered as an acupuncture method to help improve eyesight because it activates the nerve fibres connected to your feet. The second and third toes as considered as reflexology pressure points.


You need Yellow Myrobalan 1 teaspoon, Bahera 2 teaspoon, Indian gooseberry or Amla 4 teaspoon and Liquorice 7 teaspoons. Grind all the herbs and store in an air tight container. Add half a teaspoon of this mixture to ½ teaspoon of cow ghee and 1 teaspoon of honey. Consume this twice a day.


Indian gooseberry, also known as amla, is another excellent Ayurvedic remedy to improve eyesight. The best way to use this is to eat an Indian gooseberry preparation called amla murabba, which is a sweetened preserve.


– Healthy and nutrients diet is plays the most important role to have better eyesight. So it is important to get a healthy and balancing diet.

– When Bhringraj herb or amla herb oil or paste is applied over eyes, they help in improving eye vision.

– The juice extracted from fresh garlic can be used for regaining lost eyesight.

– Juice of roses can be used both internally and externally for improving eye vision.