Ayurveda Way To Choose Healing Paint Colors

I love changing the home décor every now and then, and I try the new paints available in the market also. Last time I got the home colored, I noticed that there was something amiss due to which I was developing various health issues and mood disorders. If you believe in Chakras and healing, then you will definitely agree to the fact that colors influence our energy levels and moods.

I was searching for something good when I came across something called as healing paint colors. Offered by AFM Safecoat paints, it is an incredible choice that allows you to pick the color based on your emotional balances. A formaldehyde and solvent free paints, this palette comprises 108 hues, divided into three groups, each with 36 hues. The three groups stand for the three Ayurvedic doshas – vata, pitta, and kapha. You can choose the colors to paint according to your constitutional type.

Ayurveda Way To Choose Healing Paint ColorsYou can pick a color by determining whether the hues are

  1. cold or hot
  2. cool or warm
  3. stimulating or calming
  4. grounding or uplifting
  5. dry or moist

Based on Ayurveda that promotes a harmonious living, these colors also give you a chance to put your stress at bay and create a new balance in your daily life.

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How Is The Palette Of Ayurveda Colors Designed: The palette, christened as Ayurveda Essence, has its base on the five elements – air, fire, water, earth, and Ether. When air and ether is grouped, it becomes the dosha, vata [akin to ectomorph, where the persons possess a thin frame and lean built]. Fire is a standalone element that you can equate to mesomorph, the persons having a moderate built. Last, but not the least comes the blend of water and earth, synonymous with endomorphs or the ones with larger frame.

While all of us have these doshas in a varying proportion, one of the dosha always is slightly higher and that rules the roost, giving us a particular body type and character. Here is how you can choose healing paint colors for your home.

Type of dosha Color to choose
Vata Muted, subdued earthy hues
Pitta Calming, cool complex hues
Kapha Vibrant, stimulating hues with warm overtones

There are various sets of sample color combinations from where you can choose the one of your choice. Alternatively, you can design the one that perfectly syncs into your lifestyle and needs. The choice is yours. All you have to do is to choose in such a way that you are not disrupting the harmonious balance of vata, pitta, and kapha, that is already prevailing.

An example: Drawing room: A kapha based wall complemented by pitta ceiling. If you have intersecting walls, you can opt for a neutral shade from vata there.

Bedroom: Highlight with vata hues, with overtones from the kapha palette while ceiling is decorated by pitta palette.

These are just sample views. How would you like to adorn your home with the healing paint colors based on Ayurvedic principles?