Intensive Hair Mask – Avocado

Revitalize and condition your hair to make it healthy with an avocado mask.

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Avocado helps to retain moisture to your hair making it soft and adding shine to it. It provides enough proteins and deep conditions to stimulate the scalp for a healthy hair growth.

Avocado Protein Mask:
To make your hair soft and smooth, mash avocado and honey and apply it to your hair strands. cover a shower cap and leave it on for 20mmins and rinse off. Avocado contains vitamin e and proteins that is beneficial for your hair and along with honey it makes your hair soft and smooth.

Hot Avocado Hair Mask:
* 1tbsp of avocado oil
* 1 tbsp of olive oil
Mix the oil in a bowl and warm it. Apply the warm oil to your hair and massage it into the scalp for few mins using your finger tips. Leave it on for 30mins and shampoo usual.

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