When I say cotton swabs is important tool of makeup, you would wonder about it for few minutes. Generally cotton swabs are used to clean our ears and we have no more use of it. But let me tell you, they are the most essential thing to be kept in our wardrobe and purse. Expect cleaning ears, let’s gets acquainted with the ultimate makeup tool – cotton swabs

AMAZING WAYS TO USE COTTON SWABSEye brows: When you have no time for running to your parlours for your eye brows to be done. Take a cotton swab and simply dip it in Vaseline and shape your brows this cotton swabs. If you want to grow thicker hair on your brows, dip a cotton swab in castor oil and apply daily before sleep.

Eye makeup: Cotton swabs are very helpful when you need a minute detailing or when you are dealing with sensitive areas. Cotton swab can help you to evenly spread your makeup where your brush cannot do it well.

Be smudge free: Sometimes your makeup appears to be loud in some parts, or suddenly you realise your left cheek is one shade lighter than your left cheeks. Your cotton swab helps you to smudge you can always keep a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover in your purse. If your kajal or eye liner gets smudged, this can help you to fix it again.

Lips: Sometimes lipstick moves out of their way. It get smudged cotton swab can help you to fix it back. You can also use cotton swabs as lip liner; this is equally good as lip pencil

Conceal properly: Your concealer does not spread evenly all over your face. Cotton swabs can help you to conceal those areas and niches on your face.

Perfume: Always keep a cotton swab dipped in a perfume in your purse. Always keep them in zip locked bags or sandwich bags. You will have portable perfume everywhere, whenever you feel you make your day fresh as before.

Fix your manicure or pedicure: Some have a habit of changing nail paints frequently according to your outfit. Often it turns out to be messy. Instead of using your finger or tissue papers, use a cotton swab which can remove the nail paint from your skin without affecting the nail.

Keep skin clear: Use cotton swabs to apply skin-brightening creams and lotions to just the darkened areas of skin that you want to even out.

Hair Dye: Use a cotton swab to apply hair dye on your hair strands .You can also other temporary colours if you want to.

Pimple Remover: Take two cotton swab and press them against each other and squeeze the pimple properly.