Onions are one among such ingredients which is available at everyone’s kitchen irrespective of your living standard. Onion is among one such basic ingredient which helps to add flavor and taste to any recipe ranging right from a simple cheese burger upto a chicken biryani. But did you ever think about using onions that too out of kitchen? Yes, there are different ways that a onion can help you in various household problems. Have a look at some amazing and pleasing uses of onion you never heard before.

AMAZING USES OF ONIONS YOU NEVER HEARD BEFOREYou can easily derust the knife which is completed rusted by using the knife and cutting it the onion from middle. You surely need to repeat this several times which will help to make the blade look new again.

Did you know, even onions can be used to clean the metal utensils? Yes, besides the dishwashing liquids and various other ingredients, you can even use onions to clean the utensils. Cut the onion into some slices and help to soak it in water for few minutes. Now you can easily wash with the onion water which would add shine to the utensils.

If you are suffering from bruises or got a sting by a bee, onion peels can help you out to treat the injection and irritation on skin. Peel out the onion skin and tie it on your hand overnight. You can massage with honey once you remove the onion peel.

You can easily keep ants away with the help of onions. Keep a bowl filled with freshly cut onions slices in it. Place the bowl in the area where ants are seen frequently crawling.

Make a paste of onion and water to get rid of acne immediately. This is due to anti bacterial and anti inflammation qualities, onion can be applied directly on the skin. Applying the onion paste is one among the effective remedy.

Rubbing onions at the razor cut skin and burned skin can help to soothe them too. You rub the peel or tie them with a thin tread and leave it for overnight.

You can easily clean the grill with the help of an onion. Take an onion cut it into half and adjust it with a fork. Now glide the onion up and down on the grill which will help to keep the insects away, and also would scrub the grill clean.

You can keep a bowl with onion at the place you are getting the unpleasant and worst smell of paint. Sometimes, you have a baby at home where the smell of paint proves unhealthy. Odor of paints and varnishes can easily get away with the help of onions.

Onion can act as one of the wonderful alternative to smelling salts. Smelling salts is one of the ways to distress you and come back to senses. You can always use an onion as an alternative which would help to relax the mind and body as well.

Onions also helps to treat sore throat. Take few onion skins and put it to boiling. Remove the skin and stain the water. If needed add some sugar or honey for taste and drink it twice a day.

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