AMAZING USES FOR YOUR OLD TOOTHBRUSHToothbrush is one such staple ingredient which everyone uses right in the morning and before retiring back to bed. Toothbrush is the only way that can help you to brush the teeth properly. This specially designed product also has various alternative uses at home, where it can be used effectively.

You should change your toothbrush after every two months and once the hair stars separating they are assumed to be expired. The expired toothbrushes should never be trashed away, but can be put to some alternative uses. Here we mention you some of the uses of toothbrush at home.

  1. Cleaning jewelry

You can also use a toothbrush to clean your gold and silver plated jewelry. The bruises on the toothbrush help to get into the curves and edges which help to clean the ornaments properly. You can use dishwashing powder or polish powder to scrub the jewelry well with the toothbrush. You should always have a separate set of toothbrush to be used over jewelry.

  1. Cleaning keyboards

You can use some vinegar or nail polish remover to clean the keyboard. It is best cleaned when rubbed with the help of the toothbrush. You can also clean the edges and screen of the laptop with toothbrush, which does not, leaves any stain behind.

  1. Removing stains

Rubbing vigorously with the help of your fingers or cloth may mess the cloths overall and the stain marks become permanent too. You can take some detergent on the toothbrush and just scrub the area of the stain to remove it effectively. This will also avoid from the rest of the cloth to get spoiled.

  1. Cleaning ovens

You can effectively clean oven with the help of a toothbrush. Oven has many edges which usually get covered with dust and it is important to clean them every time.

  1. Deodorize baby bottles

Toothpaste will remove the odor in a jiffy. Just put some on your bottle brush and scrub away. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.

  1. Removing crayons on wall

You just need to scrub the crayon with some toothpaste with the help of a toothbrush. The fine abrasive in the toothpaste will rub away the crayon every time. Rinse the wall with water.

  1. Clean tiles

So, do you always see dirt tiles in and around? This is especially when you have kids at your home place. Simple scrubbing the tiles with toothbrush and a cleaning agent can get to clean the tiles right away.

  1. Clean your sneakers

Get clean ready sneakers by just scrubbing them with the help of a toothbrush. You need to get a less gel toothpaste of an old one and scrub it for few next minutes.

  1. Removing snuff from shoes

A little toothpaste does an amazing job of removing scuffs from leather shoes. Just squirt a dab on the scuffed area and rub with a soft cloth. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. The leather will look like new.


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