AMAZING USES FOR LEFTOVER OATMEAL Leftovers in general are one of those things that many people struggle with. However, you may not need to struggle with left over oatmeal! It is a very versatile grain and can be used in many ways. Here are some of the amazing uses of leftover oatmeal:

Oatmeal can be added in almost any smoothies! They are protein packed and make an amazing pre and post-workout smoothie!

Here comes my favourite use of oatmeal, Face Mask! Make sure it’s cooled (as most leftover oatmeal will be), mix some honey in if you like, and simply smooth it on your face.

Leftover oatmeal can be used for making pancakes the next morning! Simply store them in fridge and add them in your pancake batter.

Oatmeal muffins are healthy as well as they taste delicious! Simply toss the leftover oatmeal (cooked or uncooked) in muffin batter.

Oatmeal tastes amazing with meatloaf! Don’t forget to add it in the meat mixture pre-baking.

You can add a half a cup of cooked oats to any soup to thicken it up.  The oats will fall apart and you will be left with a nice textured soup.

Suffer from acne? Oatmeal might help remove dead skin cells and soak up oil, acting as a natural remedy to acne. One easy recipe is to cook some up, let it cool until it’s lukewarm, and apply to the affected areas. Let stand for several minutes, then rinse.

Place an open container of oatmeal in your fridge to neutralize smells. Some people use oatmeal to line ashtrays, and claim the flakes help neutralize the smell of smoke.

Oatmeal can provide soothing relief from sunburn, poison ivy, and other irritations, and can heal skin and open pores. (In fact, many store-bought moisturizers and beauty products have oatmeal in them, both ground up and in flake form.)

Create your own scrub by grinding two tablespoons of oatmeal into a grainy consistency. (Use a blender or food processor.) Add one teaspoon baking soda and very small amounts of water until the mixture has the consistency of paste. Spread that on your cleansed and dry face. Leave on for 10 minutes and gently remove with cool water.

Leftover oatmeal can also be used to make granola bars. Just add honey to thick cooked oats and shape them into bars.

You can make oatmeal bread using leftover oatmeal. All you need to do is add cooked or uncooked oatmeal to the bread batter.

Oatmeal is more than a healthy breakfast! Use the above tips to use the leftover oatmeal in food and beauty!